Conference Information at Edgerton

Hello Edgerton Families,

Our Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday, February 11 from 4:30-8:10 pm and Wednesday, February 13 from 4:30-8:10 pm.
We will be using the same conference times we used in the fall for the spring rather than going through another round of online sign ups.  Therefore individual families do not need to sign up for conferences online.  Teachers will be sending conference forms home with each student on Wednesday, January 23. When your child brings their conference form home, please complete the bottom portion of the form, detach it and return it to school to let us know if the conference time works for you. If the date and time listed do not work for you, please call your child’s teacher or one of our cultural liaisons to reschedule.  You can use this link to find your child’s teacher’s phone number.  You can use this link to find Cultural Liaisons’ phone numbers. We are happy to accommodate you and find a date and time that works better. 

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with you and your child to discuss your child’s strengths, successes and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for attending conferences and working as partners with our staff to support your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you,

Melissa Sonnek
Edgerton Principal