CP First Lego League 2018

For the second year in a row, Central Park Elementary students participated in the First Lego League challenge. This competition not only encourages STEM activities but also instills several skills such as collaboration, respect, inclusion, team work, basic programming, innovation, strategy, being able to research a topic, presentation and many many more. Congratulations to the following students:

Space Devils: Amrutha K., Rei D., Kai Z., Anthony D., Audrey K., Sophie H.; Coaches - Swapna Konidena and Lewis Dickson
Mythic Stars: Amelia H., Dayton Z., Eloise H., Corvyn P., Katrina K., Angelina S. 

Coaches - Tim Heisel and Sarah Zelinski          High School Volunteers: Padmini K. and Abby K.

Special thanks to CPE for sponsoring the competition, PTA for T-shirt sponsorship, Ms. Laine for coordinating the initial logistics, the high school volunteers for helping out every week and the coaches for coaching!