Student of the Trimester for Trimester 2

Trimester Two 2018 – 2019

Student of the Trimester

ART - Haley Kneissel

The Art Department would like to recognize Haley Kneissel as our departmental representative for student of the trimester. Haley has been working extremely hard in AP Studio Art as she prepares a portfolio of work to be submitted in May to the College Board. She has consistently wowed me with her range of approaches to visual problems as well as her technical skill in whatever medium we used in assignments. Besides being an extremely talented and hardworking art student, she brings a great attitude to class and students respond to her sunny disposition. She loves what she is doing and it is visible in the work she puts into class time and what she does outside of the school day. It has been a great opportunity for me to watch Haley grow into her own as an artist, as I look back on the last four years. She has contributed so much to our department and it is my pleasure to recognize her with this honor.

AVID - Khagendra Bhujel

Khagendra Bhujel is a dedicated, engaged, and hardworking 11th grade AVID student. He is always an active member in Tutorial groups, ready to present and help his peers.  

BUSINESS - Alec Harris

Alec Harris is the BCT student of the trimester. Alec has aspirations of becoming the general manager of a professional sports team and based on his performance in Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, he is well on his way. Alec has created wonderfully in-depth projects in class that are also presented as competitions. Alec has won two of these peer voted competitions, showing that he not only provides the academic depth needed for the projects but also the ability to engage and creativity to appeal to the class. He specifically won the New Franchise project and the Endorsements project with great ideas. Alec is a role model student in every way possible and a pleasure to have in class.


Wil Xiong is a freshman and our student of the trimester for Connections. Wil is an absolute joy to have in class. In World History, Wil works diligently to do always do his best work. He is a deep thinker and share deep reflections about life and history in class. He often helps others and also completes his work at the highest level. Wil cares about his education and want to grow as a student and person.

In English , Wil is intelligent, very responsible, and diligent. He puts in a lot of time and effort to doing his very best. He asks good questions to ensure he understands. He is an absolute pleasure to have as a student!

In Math, Wil displays great reserves of resilience and stamina in working to understand the concepts we're learning in class.  He is always happy to help other students out, and he makes everyone around him happier for knowing him.  Wil is, put simply, an excellent student and a wonderful person, and is always working to improve as both.

In Science, Wil uses his drawing skills to illustrate science concepts and share his understanding.  He is observant and detail-oriented, which leads to insights during experiments.  He takes his time to do quality work and to help others.

EL – Martin John

The EL department is nominating Martin John for Student of the Tri. Martin John is a leader in the EL department. He is a student who has worked hard and diligently from the day he arrived to the country (which was only a few years ago) until now. He comes to class every day with a smile and a hello. He demonstrates to his teachers and his peers consistently what it takes to be successful, forward thinking, and have fun at the same time. But one of the things that stand out the most to me about Martin John is how welcome he is to students who are new to the country or students who might not fit in. He ALWAYS seeks out the students who might be alone and invites them to whatever he is doing. He is a special kid, and we are lucky to have him at RAHS!

ENGLISH  – Ava Negrete

Freshmen Ava Negrete consistently elevated my class's discussions on literature and writing.  She has a keen eye for interpretation and a creative way of viewing the world.  Ava naturally picks up on the messages literature communicates and connects them to the world around us, creating intrigue in her classmates.  With Ava you'll find humility, grace, humor, empathy and intelligence, a rare combination for a young scholar.  It's this combination that positively influences the class.  Her contributions inspired others in the class by helping them connect with the content or clarifying points that they missed.   Plus, she helped make a unit on Shakespeare especially enjoyable!

FACS  – Olivia McPherson

The FACS department is honoring Olivia McPherson for student of the trimester.  Olivia is new to RAHS this year.  She was in International Foods first trimester where she quickly became a strong leader in her kitchen groups.  She also asked inquisitive questions, and was always willing to help others.  This trimester she is my TA for first hour.  Simply Amazing!  Olivia anticipates students' needs during labs, has created a new lesson for International Foods, and is always willing to help anyway that she can.  I believe that she is definitely a future FACS teacher in the making.  However, Olivia has the vision of medicine.  In her efforts,  she will be applying for a summer internship through the Minnesota Hospital Association.  When Olivia starts her internship this summer, she will bring her amazing attention to detail.  The FACS department looks forward to having her in classes next year. What a great young lady she is!

MATH – Isabella DiGiorno

Isabellla has gone above and beyond in class.  She is always ready to take on a challenge, asks great clarifying questions, and is a great partner  for her peers during group work.

MUSIC – Mariana Lopez Enriquez

Mariana is an exceptional leader within the choir family. She makes sure that everyone feels welcome and supported. Additionally, Mariana anticipates the needs of both the choir and individual students and takes care of things before others even realize that there is a need. Everything runs smoother because of her work behind the scenes to help everyone feel welcomed and prepared.


Dy Say Der is a senior in Strength & Fitness I.  Dy Say is a very responsible hard working student that has excelled in class.  She is a very respectful student who is always willing to help her classmates.  She has done an exceptional job in class and is a very enjoyable student.

SCIENCE  – Nevin Lor

Nevin has been a hard working student in physics class who really has taken to heart the use of all the problem solving tools I provide.  His work is neatly and clearly laid out which makes it easy for he and I to discuss it and trouble shoot it together.  Finally, he is phenomenal at coming in for extra help when he needs it, and I have enjoyed working with him many mornings this term.

SOCIAL STUDIES  – Michelle Wosenyeleh

The Social Studies department would like to congratulate Michelle Wosenyeleh on being chosen Student of the Trimester for Trimester 2.  Michelle has made great improvements in her test scores in AP Psychology.  She has been consistently working hard on her vocab and her efforts have paid off in increased test scores.  Ms. Mortel, the teacher who nominated her, wrote, "I'm super proud of her hard work and consistent diligence at improving in AP Psych."  Congratulations, Michelle!

TECHNOLOGY  – Mikayla Head

Mikayla Head is the student of the Trimester for Technology Education.  Mikayla has been in three Engineering/Drafting classes as well the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) club after school.  She has done an amazing job in each of these.  She really has a passion for it and it shows with how determined she is to do the best she can.  She thinks problems through, asks good questions and is a good example for other students in class.  Mikayla is also a joy to have in class.  She comes to class with a smile and is always friendly to her classmates and teacher.


It is a great pleasure to nominate Anna Webb as Student of the Trimester for World Language. Anna is a student in my CIS 1004 class. This is the second intermediate Spanish class that is taught through the University of Minnesota.

I have had the pleasure of having Anna as a student in a few of my Spanish classes and she is one of the hardest working students I have! She is always so willing to speak in class; stay engaged in the language and give one hundred percent.  When we are having an exam she is the first to request extra practice so that she can fully grasp a concept. She constantly strives to do her best work and never hesitates to ask for help or to help others.

I know that Anna plans to continue her study of the Spanish language and cultures in the future. My bet is that she will somehow combine her knowledge with a soaring career! I have confidence that this young lady will do great things in the world in the near future and know that she will be very successful in whatever she chooses. Her work ethic is impeccable and combined with her intelligence and grace she will make a lasting effect on those she touches.

¡Enhorabuena, Anna! Congratulations!