Student of the Trimester for Tri 1

Students of the Tri for Trimester One, 2019-2020

ART  –  Chom Poo Yang (nominated by teacher Mark Tinsley)

I’m nominating Chom Poo Yang, from my 4th hour Sculpture and Metalwork, for her grades, commitment to quality work and inexhaustible optimism.

AVID  – Suman Dahal (nominated by teacher Kerri Werner)

Suman can be counted on to consistently show up for class, engage in learning and exceed teacher expectations. He has not only proved himself academically, he has demonstrated amazing leadership qualities both at school and in his community.  Suman takes advantage of any opportunity to grow as a student leader and he is an exceptional role model for the elementary and middle school students that he has volunteered with throughout the years. Suman currently works at Abbott Laboratories as an IT intern while maintaining honor roll grades in his high school courses. He is an extremely kind, compassionate, dedicated member of our AVID family and we are excited for the bright future that awaits this amazing student.

BUSINESS  & COMPUTER TECH – Noah Abdullahi, gr. 9 (nominated by teacher Bruce Holmseth)

Noah has done a great job in Sales and Entrepreneurship. He created a business plan for a rock climbing app that helps rock climbers find places to climb and connect with other climbers. His plan won the class “Shark Tank” competition as voted on by his classmates. Beyond this, Noah is very inquisitive, analytical and not afraid to put himself out there.

CONNECTIONS  –  Amariah Gines (nominated by the Connections Department)

Amariah has made incredible progress this year and has grown immensely as a student and member of our community. Amariah is a positive peer and such an encouraging member of our community. She takes time to connect with her peers and encourages them to work hard in class. During this trimester Amariah's drive for success has been reinvigorated. She works hard, and his always asking questions on how she can improve her grade and the quality of her work

ENGLISH – Raijanee Meadows (nominated by teacher Pierre MacGillis)

Raijanee is a very responsible young woman. She works hard to make sure she is always up-to-date on her assignments and is willing to make changes to her writing based on feedback. Not only does she care about her own academic success, she encourages her reluctant classmates too. They often acquiesce to her prodding even when they will not take redirection from teachers; this speaks to her leadership capacity and motivational stance. This will serve her well in her future endeavors, on which she is already focused. When assigned a research paper, she created a question that would allow her time to research colleges and universities that would suit her needs-- two birds with one stone! Raijanee is a thoughtful and driven young woman and we are lucky to have her calming presence in class.

English Learners – Samira Abdirahman (nominated by teacher James Housworth)

I have nothing but positives to say about Samira. As a student, she is always focused, works hard, and thinks deeply about all the material we cover in class. But more importantly, as a person she is kind, generous, and overflowing with joy each and every day. She is kind to her classmates and is always positive. I can't wait to see where she goes in her future!

FACS  – Lana Lee (nominated by teacher Amy Baily)

Lana has three FACS classes this trimester including Creative Sewing I, International Foods, and Child Development. She designed and created an amazing quilt that she problem solved mostly on her own.  She asks questions and contributes to group work.  She is a leader if foods classes and produces high quality work in all of her FACS classes.

MATH – April Paw (nominated by teacher Joe Weyer)

I had April as a student last year in Advanced Algebra and she is now in my College Algebra class. I have seen April grow over the past year into a confident math student. She is a diligent student and takes pride in her work.  She sets a great example for other students in the class. This is April’s first college level course and she has really taken on the responsibility of a college student and excelled.

MUSIC – Elijah Wallace (nominated by teacher Matt Dehnel)

Elijah is one of the hardest working members of the entire music department.  He has built himself into a phenomenal clarinetist and jazz tenor saxophone player.  He is also the student conductor of RAHS Jazz III, and an officer for our top curricular band.  He spends a lot of his time assisting with tasks that make the band department run more smoothly.  

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH  – Mary Hughes (nominated by teacher Daryl Illikainen)

Mary is a great student who is always on task and puts a lot of effort into everything she does. She uses good detail in her writing and puts a lot of thought into her assignments. She is always on time to class, respectful and works well with others. I enjoy having Mary in class and wish her the best of luck in the future. 

SCIENCE  – Malachi Ly (nominated by teacher Ken Henry)

Malachi always brings a great attitude to the science classroom, and his actions bring up everyone else around him. He is always willing to help another student when they are confused about a concept, or aren’t sure what they are supposed to work on. When we talk about a new concept, Malachi approaches it with an open mind and a willingness to try. Even when he is not confident that he has the right answer, he still offers his ideas to the class so that we all can benefit in the learning process. Most importantly, he has continued to seek help and fix his mistakes when he is not happy with his grade. This determination has led his grade to rise throughout the trimester. It is because of these characteristics that I am happy to choose Malachi Ly as our student of the trimester.

SOCIAL STUDIES  – NiAnna Gordon (nominated by teacher Dani Tollefson)

One of the first assignments NiAnna completed in her class asked students to identify their strengths and goals. NiAnna identified her greatest strength as being a hardworking person. Additionally, she discussed her goals post-high school. She wrote her responses with confidence and poise. I was impressed with her matter-of-fact reflection on herself as a person. She has focused on maintaining an A in World Studies. She collaborates well with her peers, even if the group is challenging. She is always willing to help her peers. She thinks outside the box and contributes to discussions in a way that makes her peers think outside the box too. She is also extremely creative. Congratulations, NiAnna!

TECHNOLOGY  – Trisha Haugen (nominated by teacher Ken Sopcinski)

Trisha is a senior who is attentive, completes all her work and does it well, offers to do extra (clean-up, organizing tools etc.) without being asked. Trisha is also taking the small engine repair course from our department. Her instructor Mr. Krautkremer adds that Trisha really thinks things through, is caring and has good attention to detail. Trisha was nominated for this award due to her hard work in her IT classes. However when I looked into her academic record, I discovered the following, she is also a 4.0 straight A student since 6th grade, and has completed multiple AP courses in World History, Geography, Calculus, American Literature and college level Spanish.

WORLD LANGUAGE  –  Marshon Brooks (nominated by teacher Lilliam Hoerr)

Marshon is an unbelievable student. He pays attentions all of the time. When I ask questions to the class, he waits to see if other students are responding, and if they are not, he always volunteers. He is always available to help his peers and makes sure they understand the material. He is always well behaved, turns things in on time and looks like he was listening. I got to know him as time progressed and realized not only what a wonderful student he was, but what a wonderful human being he is. I am totally proud to know he is my Student of the Trimester. I am so proud of Marshon!