Student of the Trimester for Tri 2

Students of the Tri for Trimester 2 

ART  – Eshi Vang

From teacher Paul Moeller: Eshi has been a student of mine for the past two trimesters in our AP Art & Design course. It is a highly rigorous course that focuses on students building a portfolio which addresses criteria set forth by the CollegeBoard.

To say that I was concerned with teaching this particular course in DL might be one of the biggest understatements of my career, but Eshi was an important part of finding my groove and addressing student questions as we moved forward during the trimester. His energy and leadership in his small groups, as well as his artwork and critiques with the large group, have been a huge addition to the class and his work ethic in and out of class has been a great model for other students.

Above all, the work necessary to meet the highest standard in this course requires a great deal of reflection in material, processes, and techniques and through many Zoom meetings during office hours, I learned a lot and gained a better insight into this course as a teacher with Eshi as my student eyes!

In closing, I really want to thank Eshi personally for going above and beyond the entire period of Tri 1 & Tri 2. He put in the work, listened when he needed to and spoke up when he had important questions. I am extremely proud of the work he has done this year and look forward to seeing his progress in the future.

AVID  – Haneen Aboubakr

From teacher Carly Miller: I am proud to present AVID's student of the Trimester, 10th grade student Haneen Aboubakr.

Haneen is a talented, inclusive, curious and empathetic individual who brings great strengths to our AVID community. She excels in the classroom and challenges herself to engage in rigorous courses. Haneen is a talented artist, a strong scholar in the STEM field and a friend and support to her AVID peers. Haneen readily volunteers for leadership opportunities, commits herself to community service and is consistent in class and the community. Haneen has already shown herself to be a leader and I am excited to see what she pursues in the future. I am proud to celebrate and recognize her as our AVID student of the Tri.


From teacher Travis Birklid: The Business and Computer Technology Department Student of the Trimester is Jona Sitorus. Mr. Birklid had the pleasure of having Jonah in “Intro to Computer Science & Coding” this trimester. Jona has done a wonderful job of being engaged and participating in class. He is always one to answer prompts and provide student insight and voice. He put extra time and effort into small coding projects to design the user interface in addition to the programming requirements. He also did a wonderful job analyzing the implications of artificial intelligence in the world of social media, shopping and entertainment.

CONNECTIONS  –  Demarius Colvin Kirkwood

From teacher Chin Nou Khang: We are honored to present our Demarius Colvin Krikwood as our Connections Student of the Trimester. Demarius is a really great person to have in class.  His willingness to take risks and try new ideas are such a huge asset to the class, and his conscientiousness in completing assignments and staying on top of his schedule serve him very well.  I think Demarius is bound for great things. Demarius is a great role model in World Studies! He is a consistent leader throughout this year showing his excellence with his project, assignments, participation, and attendance. I enjoy our conversation about basketball and NBA 2k21. Continue being great!


From teacher Agustina BorreHser has demonstrated a high degree of commitment in her classes throughout this trimester. I believe she has excellent organization skills that together with her active participation have made her stand out as a student in the Academic Reading class. I believe she has the motivation and determination that are needed to make the most of her learning experience. I wish her the best for the next tri and her future endeavors.


From teacher Amy Bailey: Ava Wilhelm is student of the trimester for the FACS Department.  Ava has a love of food and has created various recipes with a variety of techniques throughout the trimester.  She emailed me pictures and even sent a video with her and her grandma making popovers.  Teaching cooking online is tricky, she made my day by sharing her masterpieces that she created.  She was willing to speak up and be engaged during class on zoom.  It was fun to hear how much she loves being creative in the kitchen and it sounded like her family really enjoyed her cooking too!  I look forward to hearing about what she is going to make next!


From teacher Amy Dahlin: Ana Castano has distinguished herself as one of the most remarkable students I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  While she has the diligence and skill of many talented students, what sets her apart is her genuine curiosity and love of language and storytelling in all its forms. Her leadership in class is broad and welcoming; she really listens to and respects her peers. I can't count the number of times she has shown up during office hours to pursue a conversation or point of interest from class or from her own reading. She is part of the Literary Society's Fiction and Film series and has brought her insightful reading, engaging questions, and more than a few notes of wry humor to our discussions of literature and film outside the classroom. It is my pleasure to name her the English Department Student of the Trimester.

MATH – Yas Barati

From teacher Bonnie Dao: The mathematics department has chosen Yas Barati as the math student of the tri.  Over the past trimester, Yas has shown tremendous growth for both math and her English.  Yas migrated from Iran in June, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic to be reunited with her extended family here in Minnesota.  While she originally was placed in our supported English Learner program RAHS, Yas quickly proved that with hard work and determination, she can transition and do well in our mainstream math classroom.  We are looking forward to see what Yas can do both in school and outside of school.

MUSIC – Maylyne Vang

From teacher Kellen McMillen: The music department is honored to select Maylyne Vang as our student of the trimester. Maylyne is a student who goes above and beyond in every possible area in our choral program, and couldn't be more deserving of this honor. As a four year member of the choirs at RAHS, Maylyne has succeeded every step of the way as a singer and student. She has spent two years in our auditioned mixed chorus Cantus Certus, and auditioned into our most select chamber choir this year as a senior. In every choir, she has been a leader and has set a positive example of what it means to be a part of RAHS choirs. This year, she was also selected as a section leader and voted as a choir officer by her peers, further demonstrating her leadership qualities and the respect she garners from the other choral students. 

Over the past year during distance learning, Maylyne has always been willing to help out and make any effort to improve the choir experience for her peers, myself, and the choir as a whole. There have been multiple occasions this year where she has gone out of her way to ask me "is there anything extra I can do to help out?" and has done various additional tasks like taking daily attendance, sharing her screen when we go through music as a class, and even making posters for our spring choir auditions. Her dedication to making the choir the best it can be has been evident since her first day in our program, but she has taken it to a new level during distance learning. I am fortunate to have her as a choir student and I could not be happier to recognize her as the music department student of the trimester for Trimester 2.


From teacher Concetta Smith: Sven Ijzer is receiving the Student of the Trimester Award for Physical Education. Sven has a positive attitude, is welcoming to all students, and works hard. He consistently attends zoom PE classes with his camera on, participates in discussion, completes the workouts on zoom, and encourages his classmates. Sven has even helped lead stretching activities with the class. His favorite activity is learning more about his peers and staff through icebreaker questions and enthusiastically doing wii dances. Great work Sven!!!

SCIENCE  – Naw Say

From teacher Lee Jones: Naw Say is a freshman in Science 9A. Naw asks questions when things don't make sense. Naw also works hard and enjoys learning science.

Recently Naw submitted an answer on an assignment about gravity and the sun. The answer given was very thoughtful and showed that Naw goes beyond memorizing facts, but truly works to understand how scientific principles work.

SOCIAL STUDIES  – Nehemiah Woldemariam

From teacher Ira Sanders: The Social Studies Department is pleased to announce that Nehemiah Woldemariam has been chosen as the Student of the Trimester. He was nominated by Mr. Sanders, who wrote, “It was a joy to have Nehemiah Woldemariam in my economics class. During these difficult and challenging times to be a student, Nehemiah was a diligent and questioning student.  He exemplifies what we value in a learner of social studies. He didn’t want to just learn facts; he wanted application and practicality. He was transferring the skills in my economics class and using them for problem solving; be it the economics of the pandemic to the punitive taxes on poor people. He helped make me a better teacher.” Congratulations, Nehemiah!

TECHNOLOGY  Education – Cynthia Vasquez

From teacher Christina Owens: The student of the trimester for Technology Education is Cynthia Vasquez (10). Cynthia has been a shining star of a student in distance learning. Besides that obvious of attending zoom classes every day and being on top of her work, she has been a great example of making sure to engage and ask questions. Cynthia's photography and photoshop projects have also been outstanding and shows great care and attention to the small details. Even when Cynthia was in lower level courses last year, she showed the grace to help her peers when they needed it in class and is always a joy to have as a student.

WORLD LANGUAGE  – Sebastian Helgeson

From teacher Sarah Webb: The RAHS World Language Department would like to recognize Sebastian Helgeson as Student of the Trimester. Sebastian is an eager and enthusiastic language learner, and he is always ready and willing to participate in class. The dedication and curiosity that Sebastian shows to the Spanish language and to his education make him a joy to have in class and, of course, a very successful student. Sebastian excels in his use of the Spanish, and his work is meticulous, even on the smallest of assignments. His determination to learn and grow is sure to help him immensely in the future. Sebastian, thanks for your hard work and “¡felicitaciones!