Student of the Trimester for Tri 3

Trimester Three 2018 – 2019, Student of the Trimester

ART – Ginger Rota nominated Lay Lay Htoo

Lay Lay Htoo is our Art Student of the Trimester because she puts full effort into all of the projects we do in Drawing and Painting.  Her commitment to improving herself is outstanding.  She not only completes all of the tasks on time she asks for suggestions for improvement to truly learn and grow.  

AVID – Carly Miller nominated Steven Vang

Steven Vang is the AVID department’s student of the trimester. Steven exemplifies success as a high school student as seen through his solid GPA, focus in class and eagerness to learn and grow. What makes Steven unique is his work ethic and kindness that he exhibits even when he doesn't believe anyone is watching. When Steven sees a need in a classroom or if a peer is confused on information he will jump in and help without being prompted. He chooses to care and support his community through leading by example. He cares deeply for the people around him and is incredibly observant in class. He is willing to take on responsibilities that others may refuse simply because he knows that there is a need. He is invaluable to the AVID family and we are proud to celebrate him as the student of the trimester. 

BUSINESS – Travis Birklid nominated Lindsey Moseley

Lindsey has done a fantastic job in Intro to Computer Science and Coding. She is extremely detail oriented in her planning, coding and documentation. She challenges herself beyond what is asked and collaborates great with partners on projects. On a Create an App project she and her partner created a complicated app for a game that incorporated having to compensate for varying wind speeds, which is quite difficult. She serves as a great role model for other students due to her work ethic and even keel demeanor in a discipline that can be very frustrating at times when trying to solve problems.


Hannah Graham, Sherah Head & Mary Hannula: Panada is the epitome of a great student. She is helpful, she does complete work, she helps others all the time.  She has a strong work ethic and is a quiet leader in the classroom. Panada is a joy to have in the classroom. Panada often works ahead and is fantastic about asking questions when she does not understand a concept.

EL – Kelsey Turnbull nominated Tshring Dolma Tamang

The EL department nominates Tshring Dolma Tamang.  I've known Dolma for several years now, and during this time she has been a consistently hard worker in all of her classes.  Her work ethic is admirable, especially as she learns English in addition to high school content.   In the classroom, she is a true leader.  She holds others accountable, motivating the students around her to do their best too. More impressively, she is positive and cheerful every day--it is so fun to have her in class.  You can always count on her to welcome new students and help others.    Most recently, she has shown courage (and skill!) as she has volunteered to act out scenes from the play Hamlet in class, making the play more fun and engaging for all.  The EL Department is happy to nominate Dolma as student of the trimester!     

ENGLISH  – Tess Ormseth nominating Madeline Morales Perez

I would like to nominate Madeline Morales Perez (9) as the English department's student of the trimester.

Madeline is an outgoing AVID student. She is a very hard worker while still bringing a positive attitude to the classroom. Her writing and discussion skills have noticeably improved over the course of the trimester and she always supports her classmates. I appreciate her consistent engagement in class activities and her leadership amongst her peers.

FACS  – Amy Bailey nominated Pachee Xiong

The FACS department would like to nominate Pachee Xiong for student of the trimester.  Pachee has taken Fashion Merchandizing and Design, as well as 3 Creative Sewing classes.  Pachee upcycled a variety of old jeans and made them into a super cute jean skirt.  Pachee is a very talented seamstress and shares her talents with others.  During prom season she helped multiple people with prom dresses.  She helped advise a student that was designing her own dress and was very instrumental in the dress coming together.  A student in distress came to us 5 days before prom and wanted to make her short dress full length.  Pachee took the lead in researching ideas and played a major role in the execution of the design and it looked awesome!  Another student needed her dress hemmed, the dress was made of fabric that was challenging to work with, but Pachee made the process look easy and the dress turned out beautifully!  Pachee plans to attend the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to pursue a degree in Business and Fashion and hopes to open her own business.  

HEALTH/Phy Ed  – Ron Schneider nominated Allison Wehrman

Allison Wehrman has been a great model student in physical education 10-11.  She is always on time, ready for class, and willing to participate in any of the activities planned.  She plays competitive soccer and is an excellent student here at RAHS having never had an A-.  She is a currently a 4.0 student taking many AP courses.  I'm proud to have had the opportunity to teach her. When I asked her freshmen teacher about choosing her for this award and he said "thats an easy choice".  

MATH – Varsha Leiseth nominated Kyle Horn

I am thrilled to nominate Kyle Horn as the Mathematics Student of Trimester. As a teacher, it has been very fulfilling to watch Kyle joyfully wrestle with ideas and pursue deep, conceptual knowledge. Kyle has a genuine curiosity and creativity that he employs very effectively to figure things out for himself. He goes far beyond the procedural requirements and learns purely for the sake of learning.

Kyle is resourceful, cooperative, efficient, and kind. He collaborates with his peers and is happy to help others. He isn't easily deterred by obstacles and persists in his scholarly endeavors. He keeps his mind open to all possibilities and articulates his ideas and thoughts very well.

Kyle's enthusiasm and joy in problem solving are infectious; he radiates positivity and optimism.  He is an exemplary student and a wonderful role model for his peers.

MUSIC – Matt Dehnel nominated Max Miller

Max Miller is an easy choice for music department student of the trimester.  During Band rehearsals where peers struggle to maintain focus, Max is forever glued to the music and to the director simultaneously.  Both his home practicing and his laser-like focus in class serve as models for ideal behavior among his band mates.  His commitment to the music and to the rehearsal are unmatched.  This is the kind of student that makes teaching so much fun! 

SCIENCE  – Peter Sullivan nominated Tracy Vu

Tracy is enrolled in my physics class.  She stared out slowly in physics, approaching things as in the same way she would have before physics.  However she quickly problem solving approaches that were more successful.  She always works hard in class on her own, with her group and with me.  I have been impressed with her willingness and desire to adopt strategies such as creating equations from representations and sticking with them even wen other strategies seem like less work.  This trait has allowed her to be very successful in physics.

SOCIAL STUDIES  – Ira Sanders and Sara Mortel nominated Lisan Hasnain

Lisan Hasnain was nominated for Student of the Trimester by multiple teachers and many others had very positive memories of him from his time at RAHS. Lisan has been a rock-solid, consistent, hard-working student in AP Psychology all year long.  He participates in class, adds comments, jokes, and information about his areas of expertise that enhance the class.  Lisan clearly puts in time and effort outside of class to be successful in AP Psychology and has just been a really positive addition to class.  In Current Events, he works hard, always participates and is very positive. He always goes above and beyond what is required and adds an important perspective to the classroom. Congratulations, Lisan!

TECHNOLOGY  – Christina Owens nominated Ari Hytti

I have had the pleasure of being there as Ari Hytti grew as an inspiring graphic artist 10th through 12th grade in courses such as drawing and painting, photography, and graphic design. I nominate him as the Industrial Technology Department's Student of the Trimester for many reasons, the first because of his dedication to our department. He has taken numerous courses to grow as an artist but has also contributed to the learning environment by being a generous resource for his peers and teachers. Ari has also been dedicated to grow as a designer on his own by taking roles helping various programs develop promotional work and through working in Raider Graffix after school while becoming their go-to artist.  Lastly, when it comes to his post-secondary career, Ari plans to take his large portfolio of work and his incredible leadership/communication skills to Stout in the fall to pursue a life long career as a designer. I can't wait to see what he will create.

WORLD LANGUAGE  – Holly Comer Young nominated Natalie McFarren

It is with great pleasure for the World Language Department to present the Student of the Trimester to Natalie McFarren. Natalie is a student in my CIS 1004 class, an intermediate Spanish concurrent enrollment class through the University of Minnesota. 

Natalie has always been one of our top CIS students. She is always prepared for class, takes excellent notes and keeps up with her language skills by practicing and studying daily. 

Natalie can always be counted on the help others and to have a smile on her face. She has been a teacher assistant for various Spanish teachers and has volunteered to tutor younger Spanish students when they are struggling with the language. We are so grateful to Natalie and extremely proud of her!