District Recognized by Humphrey School as Leading Innovator for English Learner in the Mainstream Coaching Program

(Pictured above: Sarah Holty, Angela Froemming, Amber Erickson, Marisa Knoss and Kristina Robertson.)

District Recognized by Humphrey School as Leading Innovator for English Learner in the Mainstream Coaching Program

ROSEVILLE, MINN. – The University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs has recognized Roseville Area Schools with a Local Government Innovation Award (LGIA) for our work with Hamline University on English Learner in the Mainstream (ELM) coaching. The awards bring attention to the innovative ways that local governments in Minnesota have responded to rising costs, reduced revenues and increasing demand for public services.

Roseville's ELM coaching program addresses the critical need for general education teachers to receive professional development on evidence-based academic language instructional practices, and it does so in a sustainable and affordable way. The program started in 2017 and four ELM coaches have been added every year to allow for an ELM coach in every building. ELM coaches are teachers licensed in English as a second language who receive language training resources and coaching professional development from Hamline University. 

Superintendent Sicoli and Kristina Robertson, EL program administrator"Our district English learner program has 1,150 students identified with 30 different languages," said Kristina Robertson, EL program administrator. "They will accelerate their language and content proficiency if they receive language instruction and supports in the general education settings as well as their English language development services. General education teachers have not had the opportunity to learn about language instructional strategies in the teacher preparation programs, and this model allows for job-embedded professional development with ongoing support to help them with implementing new learning."

The program creates the opportunity for deeper discussion on language and instruction between teachers and coaches.

"Classroom teachers are doing this work enthusiastically, asking more questions and seeking guidance on language specific questions that they didn’t know to ask previously. It’s opened up a dialogue that didn’t exist before," said Angela Froemming, an ELM coach at Edgerton Elementary.

ELM coaches in 2019-2020 include Angela Froemming and Marisa Knoss at Edgerton; Sarah Holty at Falcon Heights); Heidi Wheelock at Parkview Center; Amber Erickson and Bridget Gagnelius at Brimhall; Kelsey Turnbull at RAHS; Carmen Sieleni and Kelly Grucelski at RAMS; Sophie Snell at Harambee; and Shelley Hoehn at Central Park.

(Pictured above, right: EL Program Administrator Kristina Robertson and Superintendent Aldo Sicoli at the Local Government Innovation Awards ceremony.)