Minnesota Thursday Menu will Feature Pork This Month

On Thursday, February 6, all Roseville Area Schools will offer pork on the lunch menu. The barbeque pork sandwich is a Farm2School local menu item from Hidden Stream Farm in Elgin, MN. Learn more about this month's Minnesota Thursday meal

A non-pork option will also be available – a soy butter and grape jelly sandwich. Nutrition Services staff went through training specific to the reintroduction of pork on the menu including proper handling, avoiding cross contact, and ensuring they are prepared to support students in finding alternate choices when needed. All pork items will be clearly marked with a picture of a pig and staff will help students select menu items based on their needs.

We know that some families do not eat pork because of religious, cultural or dietary reasons. That is why we have communicated with families in advance of offering pork as a menu option. In August 2018 and in August 2019, the school district communicated with families via the Back-to-School Guide that pork is being reintroduced on lunch menus.

Pork is central to some of our families’ food cultures, and they have requested that we find opportunities to include it in options. Minnesota is the third largest pork producer in the U.S., so it’s also an important part of the Minnesota food culture. We are committed to making sure that when pork is offered, it is done so clearly, so that families and students can make informed decisions.

This will be the only meal this school year that will feature pork.

Menus can be viewed online to check for ingredients and special meal accommodations at RosevilleNutrition.com.