PickUp Patrol

We began using PickUp Patrol on February 18. Families should have received a PUP registration email . This email will have a registration link unique to your family. Create a PUP account and use it to notify the school of any change to your child's end-of-day/dismissal plans.
  1. Create a PUP account for your family (indicate your child's Default Plan for end-of-day/dismissal - i.e. takes the bus, Friendship Connection, etc.)
  2. Enter a change to your child's Dismissal Plan at any time (i.e. doing parent pickup instead of taking the bus, going home with a friend, early pickup at 1:45pm)
*** SAME DAY changes MUST be entered into PickUp Patrol BEFORE 1:15pm ***
No more phone calls, handwritten notes or emails!  Just use PickUp Patrol!