School Immunization Update

School Immunization Update from the School Nurse

School Nurses are thankful for immunizations that improve the safety of all from diseases that include polio, measles, and influenza. We look forward to a vaccine for COVID-19 that allows us all to be safer interacting with each other and freedom to return to school without distance restrictions!

Right now, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recommends that students continue to receive all required immunizations (also called vaccines or shots) for all vaccine-preventable diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Missing doses may increase risks for other disease outbreaks.

To protect your student from diseases that can be prevented with immunizations (such as measles, chicken pox and whooping cough), your student should be fully immunized.

Most clinics are offering immunizations. If you are not sure whether your student is behind on immunizations, your clinic should be able to tell you. If your student still needs immunizations, contact your healthcare provider or clinic to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.. The clinic can fax your student’s immunization record to Parkview's school health office (651- 487- 4379). You can also return the immunization record to the health office in the fall.

More information about immunization requirements can be found on the district website, under Families>Health Services>Required Immunizations, or go directly to the MDH website.

Thank you,

Deb Legan, RN, PHN, LSN

Licensed School Nurse