RAMS's Future City Team

This year’s Future City team has been hard at work. The Future City team builds a scale model of a city that could exist at least 100 years in the future. They have to think about all aspects of how a city functions and multiple areas of engineering. Then, they build a physical model of that city. This year’s team really rose to the challenge and built different segments of the model individually. Below is a video the team made about their city as a part of the competition. They are only allowed to have three people on video, but the several students collaborated to make this project come together.

They will find out how they did in the competition in a few weeks! Feel free to wish them luck. ☺


These are the students who designed and built the model. Several of them also wrote the script and edited the video.

Ginger Anderson

Amrutha Konidena

Lorin Koch

Alfred Song

Victoria Yang

Evy Fieldseth

Natalie Weaver-Olson

Madeline Drake

The team is coached by Ursala Pankonin, and our mentor engineer is Rao Konidena.