Roseville Area Schools Students Learn About Veterans Day

An Annual Honor to our Veterans

Each year on November 11, students in Roseville Area Schools learn about Veterans Day. 

Veterans Day is the day we honor all those that have served in the military. As we teach about Veterans Day, we focus on appreciation for the people who have given their time, dedication and sacrifice in serving our country. We teach about the differences between Veterans Day (honors those who have served), Armed Forces Day (honors those who are serving), and Memorial Day (remembering those who have died while serving).

Kid Explorer offers a short "kid history" video for students about Veterans Day.

Why do we honor veterans?

Veterans served our country in times of war and peace. Through their actions they demonstrated courage, integrity, sacrifice, commitment, citizenship and patriotism. 

We ask students age-appropriate discussion questions to consider. For example, we might ask if students have personal stories about family or friends who served. Another example is "If you emigrated from another country, do you know how your previous country honors veterans?"

Stories From Veterans - In Their Own Words

Mr. Garcia, a Central Park physical education teacher, created a video for students about Veterans Day.

Please join us in honoring our nation's veterans this Veterans Day!