Voters Approve Increased Local Funding for Roseville Area Schools

Voters Approve Increased Local Funding for Roseville Area Schools

Roseville, MN – Roseville Area School district residents approved both school funding requests on the November 2, 2021, ballot: Question 1 to renew Roseville Area Schools’ operating levy 79% yes to 21% no (unofficial results 7,657 yes votes to 2,063 no votes) and Question 2 to increase that levy 66% yes to 34% no (unofficial results 6,451 yes votes to 3,253 no votes). As a result, the district will receive approximately $8 million in additional annual funding starting in 2022 and lasting for 10 years.

Passage of these requests will provide funds for the district to:

  • Lower class sizes
  • Invest in student mental health and social-emotional needs
  • Maintain academic programs
  • Expand career pathways to better prepare students for various careers after graduation
  • Help maintain financial stability

"We are so grateful our community recognizes the importance of adequately funding our schools, continuing the strong support that our residents and families have demonstrated for public education in our district," said School Board Chair Mike Boguszewski. "Bringing a funding request to our voters is something we only do when absolutely necessary. We spent more than a year looking at options for addressing our students’ needs, and are sincerely thankful that our voters have given us their approval for the needed resources!"

Operating levies are funds approved by local residents for their schools. The vast majority of Minnesota school districts—including Roseville Area Schools—rely on operating levies to help fund their schools. The last time the school district asked voters to increase the levy was 15 years ago. Voters did approve a request for bond funds in 2017, but bond funds are a legally separate funding stream that can only be used to build, maintain and repair buildings; bonds are not for operating expenses.

"Thank you Roseville Area Schools residents! Our students, our staff and our community will all benefit from this show of support for our schools," said Superintendent Jenny Loeck. "This funding will help us maintain important academic programs and invest in areas we know make a difference in the lives of our students, while providing more financial stability."

Also on the ballot were three school board seats. Voters re-elected Kitty Gogins and Curtis Johnson and elected Mannix Clark to four-year terms. They will join sitting board members Mike Boguszewski, Rose Chu and Todd Anderson.

Learn more about the operating levy requests, and the school board elections.