Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)
Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)

Reminder that there is no school Friday, Dec. 3, for students in Roseville Area Schools (except for Harambee, which is in session). Have a great weekend!

Cultural Liaisons Staff Contacts

Most offices for our cultural liaisons are at the Aŋpétu Téča Education Center. The address is:

Aŋpétu Téča Education Center
1910 County Road B West
Roseville, MN 55113


Cultural Liaisons Offices and Phone Numbers

Shvonne Johnson – African American
Office – RAMS – 651-288-5005
District Cell Phone: 651-239-2826
Building(s): RAMS
Districtwide – On Call

Anthony Anderson – African American
Office – RAHS - 651-604-1402
District Cell Phone: 651-503-9319
Building(s): RAHS,
Districtwide – On Call

Levy Jones III – African American
Office – CP – 651-724-6712
District Cell Phone: 651-278-1897
Building(s):  ONLY Central Park

James Hoskins – African American
Building(s):  ONLY Edgerton

Gabriella Carroll – American Indian
District Cell Phone: 651-359-0572
Building(s):  Aŋpétu Téča Education Center, RAMS, RAHS
Districtwide – On Call

Lupe Thornhill – American Indian
District Cell Phone: 651-332-6513
Building(s):  RAMS, RAHS
Districtwide – On Call

Maider Lee - Hmong
Office – Fairview- 651-604-3548
District Cell Phone: 651-210-7821
Building(s): FV, RAHS
Districtwide – On Call

Mya Phyu – Karen
Office – Fairview - 651-604-3543
District Cell Phone: 651-307-4475
Building(s): RAHS, EDG, FV
Districtwide - On Call

Hsar Htoo – Karen
Office -Central Park - 651-259-6752
District Cell Phone: 651-332-6929
Building(s): RAHS, RAMS, CP

Mu Hser – Karen
Office -Edgerton -651-504-2249
Cell Phone: 651-242-4081
Building(s): ONLY Edgerton

Marlene Stillman – Latinx
District Cell Phone: 651-214-7155
Building(s): BH, FH, EDG, HAR
PCS, ECSE, Birth to age 5

Cecilia Martino – Latinx
District Cell Phone: 651-235-3426
Building(s):  RAHS, RAMS
District Wide – On Call

Liz Gallegos – Latinx
Office – Central Park – 651-481-9960
District Cell Phone: 651-703-4753
Building(s): RAHS, CP, EDW

Veronica Martinez- Latinx
District Cell Phone:  651-999-9385
Office – LC – 651-724-6492
Office(s) – Only Little Canada

Gemi Rai – Bhutanese/Nepali
District Cell Phone: 651-307-7471
Buildings:  CP, RAHS, RAMS
Districtwide – On Call

Kowthar Ismail - Somali
District Cell Phone: 651-322-0468
Buildings: RAHS, RAMS, PCS
Districtwide – On Call