All Roseville Area Schools and Programs Closed on Tuesday, January 23
All Roseville Area Schools and Programs Closed on Tuesday, January 23

Due to poor road conditions in our community, all Roseville Area Schools and programs will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, January 23). This includes Friendship Connection as well as all afternoon and evening athletics and activities with the exception  of the Roseville School Board meeting, which will still take place at 6:30 PM. Meals on Wheels will not be delivered.

Cultural Liaisons Staff Contacts

Most offices for our cultural liaisons are at the Fairview Community Center. The center's address is:

Fairview Community Center
1910 County Road B West
Roseville, MN 55113


Cultural Liaisons Offices and Phone Numbers

EL Program Administrator
Office: DC

Kristina Robertson
Office: 651-635-1624

Cultural Services Support
Office: DC

Carrie Hayne
Office: 651-635-1642

African American
Building(s): RAMS, CP, EDG, HAR, PCS, FH

Shvonne Johnson

Office (Fairview):
Office (RAMS):

Cell: 651-703-3536

African American
Building(s): RAHS, FAHS

Anthony Anderson
Office (RAHS): 651-604-1402 Cell: 651-239-3506

American Indian
Building(s): Districtwide, RAMS, RAHS

Allison Waukau

Cell: 651-332-6513
Buildings(s): Districtwide, RAHS
Maider Lee
Office (Fairview): 651-604-3548 Cell: 651-210-7821

Building(s): Districtwide

Mya Phyu
Office (Fairview): 651-604-3543 Cell: 651-307-4475

Building(s): CP, EDG, RAMS

Hsar Htoo
Office (CP): 651-259-6752
Cell: 651-332-6929
Building(s): RAHS, FAHS, RAMS
Zin Zin Htoo

Office (RAHS): 651-604-1422
Office (FAHS): 651-604-3774

Cell: 651-278-1897
Building(s): Districtwide, PCS
Marlene Stillman
Office (Fairview): 651-604-3546
Cell: 651-233-9126
Building(s): Districtwide, RAMS, EDG
Cecilia Martino

Office (RAMS)
Office (Fairview)
Cell: 651-235-3426

Building(s): RAHS, RAMS

Carolyn Ellis
Office (RAHS): 651-604-1489 Cell: 651-999-9385
Building(s): CP, EDW
Liz Gallegos
Office (CP): 651-481-9960
Cell: 651-703-4753
Building(s): Districtwide, CP, RAHS
Yad Shankar
Cell: 651-307-7471
Building(s): Districtwide, RAHS
Kowthar Ismail   Cell: 651-322-0468