Classes & Departments Little Canada

Little Canada Classes and Departments

Grades K-6

  • Kindergarten

Melissa Garbow, Dual Language Immersion
Alison Nelson, Dual Language Immersion
Krysta Doughty, English Language
Kelly Tierney, English Language

  • First Grade

Shannon Delozier-Yee Yick, Dual Language Immersion
Vilma Rivera, Dual Language Immersion
Jennifer Martin
Patty Grossen

  • Second Grade

Jose Becerra-Cardenas, Dual Language Immersion
Karla Rivera-Navarro, Dual Language Immersion
Ella Flower
Liisa Welke

  • Third Grade

Myriam Castro Franco, Dual Language Immersion (grades 3/4)
Victoria Mfon, Dual Language Immersion
Alison Seefert
Alison Davies 

  • Fourth Grade

Myriam Castro Franco, Dual Language Immersion (grades 3/4)
Natalie Wilson, Dual Language Immersion (website)
Whitney Berke
Becky Bies

  • Fifth Grade

Douglas Kleemeier, Dual Language Immersion
Caitlin Miller, Dual Language Immersion
Missy Gunelson
Katie Hokanson

  • Sixth Grade

Kari Anderson Suggs
Daniel Zielske

Specialists and Departments

  • Communication Interaction Disorder Teachers

Melissa Reid

  • Art

Sarah Wolfe

  • Health - Grades K-3

Lynette Roland

  • English Learners (EL)

Teresa Chavez
Mary Cline
Kerry Gamble
Karina Korman

Kerry Gamble, Primary DLI Intervention
Jodi Seifert, Intervention Academic Coach
Sue Wenthin, Primary Title 1 Intervention
Natalie Skogstad, Intermediate Grades Intervention

Melanie Burgoyne

  • Music

Brad Anderson, Orchestra
Chantal Schneck, Band
Laura Sharp, Vocal Music

District Elementary Band and Orchestra Program Website

  • Physical Education

Carol Johnson

  • Special Education and Student Support Staff

Melissa Dorff, Behavior Specialist
Zac Mernin, Behavior Specialist
Andrea Scarpa, SLD
Greg Setterlund, MMI/LD
Rebecca Jordan, ASD
Jenny Bayha, Speech-Language Pathologist
Courtney Wilson, Speech Pathologist
Jay Geissler, Adaptive Physical Education
Marno Simon, Occupational Therapy
Tina Hogberg, Social Worker
Lisa Valerius, Psychologist
Mary Jo Feely, Nurse

District Student Support Services Website

LC Programs

Krysta Doughty

  • Future Problem Solvers

Krysta Doughty

  • TOPS

Zac Mernin