Edgerton Elementary Principal's Message

At Edgerton, we are committed to caring about other people’s children they same way we care for our own children. We have 500+ K-6 students in our Edgerton School Family. Our hope is to be a school that students, staff and families love to come to each day.

I'd like to tell you some of the things I see happening at Edgerton on a daily basis. I see teachers connecting with students individually and creating a true classroom community. I see smiles, silliness and hugs. Your children are loved. I see teachers teaching using best practices instruction to ensure that not just your child, but every child is learning. I see teachers assessing students and then tailoring their instruction to give each child what they need. Your children are learning. At Edgerton, we are committed to providing "Quality teaching and learning for all…equity in all we do."

As a principal I tend to think a lot like a Mom. There are two things I want for my own children at school. I want them to be loved and I want them to learn. Here at Edgerton, I can say with confidence our students are getting both.


Melissa Sonnek