623 Cable Productions

Providing Cable Coverage of District Events

Since 1984, the district's Educational Access Channel 18 has provided live coverage of student events, varsity sports, and School Board meetings. Channel 18 transmits 24 hours a day. A team of middle and high school student volunteers make up the 623 Productions crew, which is directed by Wayne M. Powers, supervisor of Infrastructure and Cable Support.  Students from this production group are also involved in public access projects in association with CTV-Roseville, the public access arm of the North Suburban Cable Commission.


  • All school board meetings air live on their scheduled date. They are replayed that same week, Wednesday through Sunday, at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The board has archived copies of its taped meetings.

  • Events such as Pops or RAHS concerts air on the Monday or the earliest day after the Channel 18 air copy becomes available. Subsequent airings will follow.

  • a "LIVE STREAM" of programming currently playing on Roseville Area Schools Cable Channel 18 is available 24/7 via streamup.com

  • Varsity sports coverage airs at 7 p.m. the day after the event. Subsequent playbacks are scheduled after that date.


Copies of programs shown on Roseville Area Schools Educational Access Cable Channel 18 or recorded by District 623 staff are available upon request. A $10 duplication fee is charged, regardless of the type or length of the program. Please make checks payable to Roseville Area Schools. To order program copies, please contact 623 Cable Productions or by calling 651-635-1623.


Current 623 Productions Schedule for Fall 2017:


September 2017:

Sept. 5: Volleyball –vs- Totino Grace (7:00 pm) at RAHS

Sept. 7: Volleyball –vs- Hopkins (7:00 pm) at RAHS Gym.

Sept. 8:  Football –vs- Woodbury (7:00 pm) at RAHS Football Field

Sept. 14: Soccer Double-Header –vs- Stillwater (Girls-5pm / Boys 7pm) at RAHS Field.

Sept. 18: Volleyball –vs- Irondale (7:00 pm) at RAHS Gym

Sept. 19: District 623 Bond Referendum Community Meeting, 6:30pm @ Fairview Great Room.

Sept. 28: Soccer Double-Header –vs- Forest Lake  (Boys-5pm / Girls 7pm) @ RAHS Field.

Sept. 29: Football –vs- White Bear Lake (5:00 PM) at RAHS Football Field


October 2017:

Oct. 3: Volleyball –vs- Woodbury (7:00 pm) at RAHS Gym

Oct. 13: Football –vs- Mounds View  (7:00 pm) at RAHS Football Field [Homecoming]

Oct. 26: Girls Swimming & Diving -vs- Park-Cottage Grove  (6:00 pm) at Parkview Center Pool


November 2017:

Nov. 9: RAHS Concert Series I Concert. (7:30 pm) at RAHS Auditorium.

Nov. 13: RAHS Concert Series I Concert, (7:30 pm) at RAHS Auditorium.

Nov. 14: RAHS Concert Series I Concert, (7:30 pm) at RAHS Auditorium.

Nov. 16: RAHS Concert Series I Concert, (7:30 pm) at RAHS Auditorium.



Roseville Area Schools students interested in becoming members of the 623 productions team should contact Wayne M. Powers at the District Center (651-635-1623).  We provide training in studio and remote camera use, audio, graphics, television directing, and computer-based editing. Classes are also available at CTV-Roseville for a fee. Students participating in television productions with the 623 Productions group can earn a varsity letter.


Wayne M. Powers Supervisor of Infrastructure & Cable Support wayne.powers@isd623.org