Financial Forecast

Roseville Area Schools has a long and proud history of providing strong educational programs, a talented, caring staff and a shared vision of excellence.

Reasons we are proud

We recently received the Certificate of Excellence for excellent comprehensive financial reporting, demonstrating our commitment to financial transparency and accountability. Additionally, thanks to good financial management, the district’s credit rating was recently upgraded by Moody’s financial services. Decades of generous and reliable financial support from the community have enabled us to meet the educational needs of our students and their families.

Three-legged stool of revenue

Education funding is a three-legged stool, with the majority of funds coming from the state, followed by local support and then federal funding. For a number of reasons, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain our quality programs with the resources provided. 

Funding not keeping up with needs

For nearly two decades, state funding has not kept pace with inflation or increasing educational costs. In addition, critical special education programs cost the district nearly $10 million more than it receives each year from the state and federal governments, putting additional pressure on the district’s operating budget. And while the federal COVID-19 relief dollars for schools will help cover pandemic-related costs, they are one-time funds and will not help with our long-term budget sustainability.

If state funding had kept pace with inflation since 2003, our school district would receive $503 more per student – or more than $4 million this year alone.

Local support will soon expire

We have not asked voters to increase our school district's locally approved operating levy since 2006, in order to live within our means and only go to voters when necessary. As a result, our per-student levy is lower than most comparable school districts. Operating levies provide locally approved funding to support school operations, classroom materials, teachers and other staff.

This local support will expire if not renewed by voters in November 2021, which would result in a loss of $8 million per year, or nearly 8% of our operating budget.

Roseville Area Schools has one of the lowest voter-approved operating levies of neighboring and comparable school districts, giving us less funding to support our schools, staff and students.

Ongoing budget cuts

To manage increasing expenses amid inadequate revenue, we have cut more than $8 million since 2013. Cuts have negatively affected staffing at all levels, student supports and class sizes. Those cuts will continue without additional revenue.

The district has cut more than $8 million dollars in the past 8 years, and ongoing cuts will continue without additional revenue.

Looking to the future

We are committed to providing the quality education our students deserve and our community expects. Based on more than a year of review, planning and discussion, the school board unanimously approved bringing two school funding requests to voters on a November 2, 2021, special election. Question one asks voters to renew the district’s existing operating levy and question two is a request to increase that levy. If both questions are approved by voters, the funds would be used to address class sizes, invest in student mental health and social-emotional needs, maintain academic programs, expand career pathways to better prepare students for various careers after graduation and help maintain financial stability. 

View the PowerPoint presentation that led to the school board’s decision or hear the 15-minute presentation. More information, including a robust website and other informational materials is being developed and will be available later this summer to help residents make an informed vote on November 2.

More information about district finances is available on our Business Services website. If you have questions, or would like to share comments with us about operating referendum, you may leave us a message at 651-635-1651.