Requests for Student Data and Information

Requests for student information are governed by Roseville Area Schools' Policy 584-P: Collection, Maintenance, Use and Release of Student Educational Data

Making a Request for Student Data

Use the Request for Information form to make your request. All requests must be made in writing using this form. Email or fax your completed form to the attention of:

Lora Rutt MARSS/Census Coordinator
Fax: 651-635-1659

Other Information Requests

Please use the Request for Information form to make your requests for information other than student data.  The form should be emailed or faxed to the attention of:

Lisa Chang Supervisor, Human Resources
Fax: 651-635-1659

Board Policies Guide Approval Process

Once submitted, your request is subject to an approval process based on district policies regarding the release of information. If your request is approved, it will be processed and you will be notified you when it is complete.

Picking Up the Requested Information

Information is available in different formats. Please refer to the Request for Information form to determine if there is a charge associated with your request. If so, payment must be made at the time of pick-up. We accept payment in cash or check payable to "Roseville Area Schools."