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1:1 iPad Family & Student Guide Table of Contents

Student Expectations
Digital Citizenship
iPad Use Outside of School
Parent / Guardian Guidance
Tech Tips & Basic Care Guidelines
Technology Behavior Guide
District & Local iPad Restrictions

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Student Expectations

  • Always keep your iPad in a safe place. This includes avoiding extreme temperatures, sharp or heavy objects, moisture, or food and beverages. If you put the iPad in your locker, be sure your locker is securely closed with the lock locked.
  • Never lend your iPad to someone else.
  • Keep a passcode (for example, your student ID number) on your iPad at all times. NOTE: DURING DISTANCE LEARNING IT IS ENCOURAGED TO REMOVE PASSCODES.
  • Follow the District Acceptable Use policy. Failure to follow school policies related to the iPad will result in consequences such as not being allowed to bring the device home or being issued a restricted device.
  • Pictures and recordings on the iPad should be taken only for academic purposes. They may not be shared or published without permission. Recordings taken or shared without permission will be reported and may result in consequences such as a disabled camera.
  • Your iPad comes with a district-issued case. It must stay in this protective case, and the screen protector must remain on at all times.
  • If your iPad gets damaged or lost, you need to report it to the media center immediately. Failure to do so may result in replacement being the responsibility of the family.

Important Reminders

  • Bring your charged iPad to classes every day.
  • Protect your passwords.
  • Turn off distracting alerts and notifications.
  • Be sure iCloud backup and Find my iPad are on at all times.
  • Keep all digital interactions relevant and respectful.
  • Give your full attention to others when they are speaking.
  • Create a positive digital footprint.

Digital Citizenship

Students will receive digital citizenship training throughout the year to encourage responsible use of technology and respectful online interactions.  The curriculum used includes lessons from Common Sense Media shown below. The following are the core topics that will be covered:

  • Preparing for iPad Setup and Use
  • iPad Expectations and Behavior Guide
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Safe and Ethical Use
  • Passwords and Privacy
  • Creating a Positive Digital Footprint
  • Cyberbullying
  • Building a Community of Digital Citizens

Digital Citizenship Resources for Families

iPad Use Outside of School

Reminders and Guidelines for Use Outside of School

  • Students are encouraged to take their iPads home every day after school, regardless of whether or not they are needed.
  • If a student does not have a secure place to store the iPad at home, please contact the building principal to arrange for storage at school.
  • Avoid using the iPad in public places where theft is a risk, like parks, restaurants, or public transportation.
  • If there are technical problems with the iPad outside of school hours, students should report the problem as soon as they return to school.
  • Understand that students’ use of technology like iPads or phones gives them the ability to connect to unfiltered public wireless networks such as in a library or coffee shop. Discuss your expectations frequently with your child and, if necessary, check the iPad to see what your child is accessing.
  • The iPad is property of Roseville Area Schools. If at any time you don’t agree with the way your child is using the iPad, you are welcome to take it away at any point; however, please make sure your child brings it to school each day. While at home, you are free to enforce your own iPad expectations for your child.

Parent / Guardian Guidance

Despite all of the amazing benefits technology can offer, we recognize that the addition of 1:1 devices can also be a difficult thing to manage at home. Therefore, we would like to provide a few suggestions and tips that may help alleviate confusion or stress with this new device in your home.

Suggested Guidelines for iPad Use at Home

  • Monitor what your child is doing while using technology.
  • Install a filter on your home wireless network if you have one. There are many free options available.
  • Check in frequently with your child to ensure that they understand your expectations for technology use.
  • Passcodes are to be shared with parents & guardians.
  • Help your child balance the amount of screen time that they have with other activities.
  • Ask your child to do their work on digital devices in an area that is open and supervised. For example, not in the bedroom by themselves.
  • Check that your child has completed their academic work before allowing free time.
  • Require your child to keep the iPad somewhere other than their bedroom at night.
  • If you find your child spending too much time on the iPad, you have the right to take it away at any time. Please allow them to bring it to school the next day or contact school to make a plan.
  • If you find it difficult to monitor work on the iPad, most of their accounts can also be accessed from a desktop computer  at home, if you have one.
  • Click here for more options to help monitor and set limits with your child and his or her school device, and for parental controls.

Tech Tips & Basic Care Guidelines

Technology Troubles

If the iPad does not seem to be working properly, please attempt the following basic troubleshooting ideas before coming to the Media Center for help:

  • Close the app that you’re in and reopen to try again. You can double-tap and swipe up to close apps.
  • Restart your iPad by holding down the home and power buttons until it shuts down. Then hold down the power button to turn it back on.
  • Check your Wifi connection under Settings > Wi-Fi. It should be connected to ISD623 while at school.
  • Ask a friend or teacher for help.
  • If you are still not able to get your iPad to work properly, please bring it to the media center helpdesk for assistance.

Taking Care of your iPad and Accessories

  • Keep your iPad away from food, beverage, sharp or heavy objects, extreme temperatures, or other circumstances that could potentially damage your iPad.
  • Keep your iPad in your district-issued case at all times.
  • Keep your iPad in a safe place at all times. Never leave it unattended while not locked up, and do not allow others to use your iPad.
  • Be sure you have your passcode set at all times.
  • To clean your iPad, you may use the following approaches: Screen protector and case - use a slightly damp cloth. Glass screen under the screen protector - use only a dry, microfiber cloth.
  • Do not wrap the charging cord around your charger block or iPad as it will result in a crimped cord and will no longer charge your iPad.

Broken, Lost, or Stolen iPad

  • The damaged iPad must be brought to the school media center. A police report must be filed if a theft occurred.
  • Every effort will be made to immediately replace the iPad with the same model of the damaged or stolen one. If the same model is not available, the student may receive an older model iPad.

Roseville Network Login

Most services in the district use the same account. Students are encouraged to change their password once they've logged in successfully. You can find the link to change your password under the Students menu on the district website; note that this feature is only available when you're using a computer or device at school.

Username: first 6 letters of your last name + first 5 letters of your first name
Example: johnsojulia
Default Password: birth month + birth date + birth year
Example: 01262006

Commonly Used Apps


Self Service

Students do not have access to the Apple App Store. All apps available to students can be found in the Self-Service app on the iPad.


Schoology is the online classroom where teachers make assignments available. Login using your Roseville Network Login, and search for and choose your school. Schoology can be accessed from the app as well as from the school website under the Students menu.


Notability is a digital notebook where students complete assignments. Assignments are found in Schoology, completed in Notability, and submitted back to Schoology. Be sure to enable Notability backups to Google Drive.


Synergy, which includes the StudentVue and ParentVue apps, are where official grades are posted. StudentVue uses your Roseville Network Login. Parent accounts can be created with an activation code provided by your building.

Google Drive

Google Drive is used to collaborate, create documents, slides, and more. This is an education account and includes security that typical Google accounts do not have. 

Username: First 6 letters of your last name + first 5 letters of your first name + @apps.isd623.org          Example: johnsojulia@apps.isd623.org
Password: same as your Roseville Network Login  


iCloud is used to backup the iPad. Please confirm the iPad backup frequently. You will need to periodically delete videos and photos so that your iPad has space available for the backup. Note that this is not your actual email address, it's just in that format as required by Apple.

Username: First 6 letters of your last name + first 5 letters of your first name + @appleid.isd623.org
Example: johnsojulia@appleid.isd623.org
Password: username + birth month
Example: Johnsojulia01

Technology Behavior Guide

Technology can clearly enhance student learning and engagement, but also has the potential to be distracting. Although different behaviors may develop with the use of iPads, many already have a “traditional” equivalent and can be dealt with in a similar manner. Below you will find information comparing technology behaviors to traditional behaviors, as well as how unwanted behaviors will be addressed.

Technology Behavior

Traditional Behavior

Failure to bring device to school or bringing device uncharged Coming to class unprepared or without materials
Email or Messaging Writing messages to peers in other formats
Internet surfing, off task apps, watching videos Reading, drawing, doodling, goofing around
Damaging or defacing device/cover Tearing textbook, vandalism, property damage to school equipment
Inappropriate pictures or language on lock screen, wallpaper, camera roll, etc. Inappropriate pictures or language on binder, notebook, locker, etc.
Sending/forwarding assignments with intent to cheat or copying/pasting without citing sources Cheating, copying, plagiarism
Using someone else’s account, looking at information on other iPads without permission Breaking into someone else’s locker, stealing materials
Commenting, emailing, messaging using inappropriate language, hurtful information, information not related to academics, etc. Harassment, bullying, or inappropriate language

Consequences for Acceptable Use Violations

  • 1st Violation - Student iPad will be restricted for one month.
  • 2nd Violation - Student iPad will be restricted for three months.
  • 3rd Violation - Student iPad will be restricted for the remainder of the school year.
  • Other major violations may result in consequences beyond iPad restriction, such as not being allowed to bring the iPad home or having other iPad features disabled like the camera or email access.

Expectation reminder: iPads are intended for school related activities only

District & Local iPad Restrictions

District Restrictions on the iPad

When students receive their district-issued iPads, there will already be many existing restrictions in place. Some of these include the removal of the App store, inability to download social media apps and other personal apps, the disabling of Facetime, iMessage, Game Center, Airdrop, and more.

Access to technology in the Roseville Area School District is a privilege, not a right, and has been established for educational purposes. District technology must be used in support of the educational program of the district.  This access may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct. The following are district policies that apply. All district polices are available here.

If students do not follow iPad expectations, we are able to place them on a more restricted profile, which only allows the use of preselected academic websites. If an assignment requires open internet research or to view a teacher assigned video on YouTube students can use the computer in the media center under supervision to access these resources.

  • If a student downloads an app that is not allowed, their iPad will lock. They will need to bring it to the media center helpdesk, and it will be restricted based on the timelines above.
  • Additional restrictions may also be placed on a student iPad if the behavior warrants specific adjustments, ie. disabling the camera, or removing music apps.

For iPad violations, restrictions will be placed on an iPad as follows:

  • 1st Violation - One month on a restricted profile
  • 2nd Violation - Three months on a restricted profile
  • 3rd Violation - Remainder of school year on a restricted profile

Local Restrictions on the iPad

In addition to these school restrictions, you are also able to set local restrictions on the iPad at home if you’d like to do so. Instructions for setting local restrictions while at home as well as how to remove them when your child goes to school change with iPad iOS updates. Please talk to the Media Technology Staff for the most up-to-date instructions.