1:1 Family Resources

Despite all of the amazing benefits technology can offer, we recognize that the addition of 1:1 devices can also be a difficult thing to manage at home.  Therefore, we would like to provide a few suggestions and tips that may help alleviate confusion or stress with this new device in your home.

Suggested Guidelines for iPad Use at Home

  • Monitor what your child is doing while using technology.
  • Install a filter on your home wireless network if you have one. There are many free options available (i.e. OpenDNS).
  • Check in frequently with your child to ensure that they understand your expectations for technology use.
  • Help your child balance the amount of screen time that he/she has (this includes TV, cell phone, computer, iPad, etc.) with other activities.
  • Ask your child to do his/her work on digital devices in an area that is open and supervised (i.e. not in the bedroom by him/herself).
  • Check that your child has completed his/her academic work before allowing time to play games, find music, etc.
  • Require your child to keep the iPad somewhere other than his/her bedroom at night (also recommended for cell phones and other technology).
  • If you find your child spending too much time on the iPad, you have the right to take it away at any time.
  • If you find it difficult to monitor work on the iPad, most of the accounts/assignments can also be accessed on a desktop computer if you have one at home.

Reminders and Guidelines for Use Outside of School

  • Students are encouraged to take their iPads home every day after school, regardless of whether or not they are needed.
  • If a student does not have a secure place to store the iPad at home, please contact the building principal to arrange for storage at school.
  • Avoid using the iPad in public places where theft is a risk (i.e. parks, restaurants, public transportation, etc.)
  • If there are technical problems with the iPad outside of school hours, students should report the problem as soon as they return to school.
  • Understand that students’ use of technologies (iPads, iPods, phones, etc.) gives them the ability to connect to unfiltered public wireless networks (such as in a library, coffee shop, neighbor’s wireless, etc.). Discuss your expectations frequently with your child and, if necessary, check the iPad to see what your child is accessing.
  • The iPad is property of Roseville Area Schools. If at any time you don’t agree with the way your child is using the iPad, you are welcome to take it away at any point; however, please make sure your child brings it to school each day. While at home, you are free to enforce your own iPad expectations for your child.