1:1 Student Expectations

General Expectations

  • Always keep your iPad in a safe place. This includes avoiding extreme temperatures, sharp or heavy objects, moisture, food/beverages, etc. If you put the iPad in your locker, be sure your locker is securely closed with the lock locked.  
  • Never lend your iPad to someone else.
  • Keep a passcode on your iPad at all times.
  • The District Acceptable Use policy will be explained during the first week of school. Failure to follow school policies related to the iPad will result in consequences such as not being allowed to bring the device home and/or being issued a restricted device.
  • Pictures/recordings on the iPad should be taken only for academic purposes. They may not be shared or published without permission. Recordings taken or shared without permission will be reported and may result in consequences such as a disabled camera.
  • Your iPad comes with a district-issued case. It must stay in this protective case, and the screen protector must remain on at all times.
  • If your iPad gets damaged or lost, you need to report it to the media center immediately. Failure to do so may result in replacement being the responsibility of the family.

Other Reminders

  • Bring your charged iPad to classes every day.
  • Protect your passwords.
  • Turn off distracting alerts and notifications.
  • Be sure iCloud backup and Find my iPad are on at all times.
  • Keep all digital interactions relevant and respectful.
  • Give your full attention to others when they are speaking.
  • Create a positive digital footprint.