Transporting Kids Safely and Efficiently

District 623 provides free bus transportation for:

  • K-6 grade students residing one-half mile or more from the school within their attendance area
  • Students in grades 7-12 residing two mile(s) or more from school

Each school has bus information available for kindergarten and new students at the beginning of the school year. Busing information is mailed to homes of current students before school starts. If your child takes the bus from daycare, please be sure to provide your child's school with current daycare information as soon as you know it. After school starts, making changes to bus stops will be delayed as we work to get routes running on time.

The school district contracts with the Centerline Charter Corporation for bus service. Our Transportation Department sets all stops and routes. The bus company operates the buses according to the routes supplied by the school district. The following contacts can help if you have questions or concerns about bussing:

  • Bus Routes: Jim Weis, Centerline Charter Corp., 651-482-1794
  • Safety: Jim Rossow, Centerline Charter Corp., 651-482-1794
  • Transportation Office: Jim Monroe, Roseville Area Schools, 651-635-1638

Bus Safety Rules for Students and Parents

Our goal is to get students to school and back home again safely and efficiently. Parents can help us reach that goal by talking with their children about courteous and respectful behavior. Please read the following bus safety rules with your child.:

Keeping Kids Safe at the Bus Stops

Safety starts at the bus stop. Your child should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. All children at the stop should wait for the bus in a safe location like a driveway or sidewalk.  They should remain away from the road until the bus is completely stopped. In the winter, please remind your child that it is unsafe to climb snow banks when waiting for or leaving a bus.

Bus Schedule Changes

As the school year gets underway, we adjust pick-up times for routes that are running consistently late. Elementary school students are given notes to take home when their bus times change. Secondary students should listen to school announcements and check updated bus schedules posted in their building. There may be a delay in making schedule changes to bus stops as we work to get routes running on time.

Winter weather can cause delays, and your patience is appreciated as we adjust for road conditions during these times.

If you encounter an ongoing problem, please contact the Transportation Department at 651-635-1638.

Student Discipline and Safety

Drivers report student discipline and safety issues to the school. School staff address these issues directly with the student or students involved.  The School Bus Transportation Policy 732P and Bus Behavior Regulation 732R-2 outline the guidelines students are to follow on the bus and the process staff are to use in dealing with violators.


District 623 School Bus Driver Training Video


Transportation Forms (PDF Files):

Activity Bus Van Driver Evaluation 2021-22

Defensive Driving Course Information

Driver Registration Form 2021-22

MS 171.02 Training Requirements - Type III or Activity Bus

Roseville Driver Standards 2016-17


Jim Monroe Transportation Coordinator