CRCT Professional Development

Roseville Area Schools is a diverse learning community with students, families, and staff who represent a variety of nationalities, ethnicities, languages, cultures, religions, abilities, learning styles, and other attributes. The district is committed to realizing the full benefits of its diverse learning environment and achieving equitable educational outcomes for all students. To do this, the district has created a conscious and consistent system-wide Culturally Responsive and Competent Teaching (CRCT) professional development plan. CRCT helps faculty teach students from different cultures and build relationships with students' families. The professional development plan emphasizes personal and interpersonal awareness and sensitivity, cultural knowledge, and cross-cultural teaching skills to achieve the CRCT goals.

Educators can find professional development resources below. For more information about the CRCT professional development plan, please contact the Office of the Superintendent at .651-628-6452.

Structural Documents

Below, educators can find maintainable and replicable practices, processes (habits of the system), and rubrics that lead to a conscious and consistent, system-wide culturally responsive practice.

  • CRCT Plan
  • Domain 5 Rubric
  • Administrators Power Standard #1
  • CRCT SOEP and SLP Pairing Maps

Facilitation Resources

Facilitation resources are supplemental information sources that can help educators develop CRCT skills.



Essays and Case Studies

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