Cultural Liaisons & Resources

Accessing Interpreters and Translators

More than 47 different languages are spoken by students and families within the district.  Where cultural or language barriers exist, they can often be bridged with the help of interpreters for spoken communication and translators for written communication.

How Can a Cultural Liaison Help?

Our cultural liaisons assist school staff and parents with school-related matters. They can:

  • Help families understand the American school system and help them fill out school paperwork such as forms for school registration, immunizations, Free & Reduced Lunch, transportation, scholarships, and more.

  • Interpret home-school communications between staff and parents regarding academic and behavior matters.

  • Interpret for early childhood screenings, special education assessments, parent meetings, and conferences.

  • Encourage bilingual families to participate in parent-teacher conferences and attend those conferences to interpret for families.

  • Serve as a resource to school staff about working with students and families from other cultures.

Contacting A Cultural Liaison

Most liaisons work from the Fairview Community Center and can be reached by school staff or parents at any time to discuss school-related matters. Contact information can be found at Staff Contacts.



See the Staff Contacts for a list of the cultural liaisons.