Terms of English Language Development

English learner (EL) 

A student who receives English Language Development services through Roseville Area Schools

English Language Development (ELD) 

English language services provided to English learners, which includes explicit instruction of the English language at the discourse, sentence, and/or word level

English Language Development (ELD) Teacher 

A teacher who is trained in English language development and supports students who qualify for ELD services through instruction, advocacy, and collaboration with content instruction

Multilingual students and families

Students and families who use more than one language to communicate at home or school

Emergent bilingual/multilingual 

Students who are developing more than one language at the same time

ELD Service Models

Targeted services: ELD teachers instruct small groups of students in the same grade level or same language proficiency level, working toward common language goals.

Collaborative services: ELD teachers and content-area teachers co-plan and/or co-teach both language and content within a mainstream classroom

Sheltered content services: Content-area teachers provide supported content and language instruction in a small classroom setting

Home language 

The primary language a family uses at home to communicate with each other

Heritage language 

A language related to cultural identity that may or may not be used on a regular basis