English Language Development Services

The ELD Program

Roseville Area Schools' English Language Development (ELD) Program provides evidence-based language instruction and programming support for students receiving English language development services and advocates for equity for multilingual students in all learning environments.

Benefits of Multilingualism 

For decades, we have known that speaking more than one language  has social advantages. Speaking more than one language enables people to effectively communicate and connect with more people. Being multilingual can also be financially advantageous, as many employers seek to hire people who speak more than one language. Interestingly, there is now evidence to suggest that learning an additional language has significant cognitive benefits, too. 

Studies show that multilingual brains are different than monolingual brains. For example, brain scans indicate that multilingual brains have increased areas of gray matter. Gray matter assists in higher-order thinking such as memory, processing information, decision-making, self-control, and spatial reasoning. These skills are helpful both in the classroom and the beyond. Additionally, there is research to suggest that multilingual brains may offer some protection against brain diseases later on in life such as dementia or Alzheimers. The benefits of learning another language are continuing to grow!


ELD Program Student Impact

All English learners (ELs) will achieve mastery in all learning environments through English language development services, differentiated content instruction, and classroom support.

ELD Program Specifics

The ELD program aligns with both state and federal guidelines, as outlined by the Minnesota Department of Education and the Every Student Succeeds Act. The program includes processes for entrance and exit, delivery of services, family involvement, research-based instructional practices, and measures of program effectiveness. For further information see ELD Program Overview.

ELD Services Overview

EL students in the Roseville Area Schools ELD program receive instruction appropriate to their language needs and grade-level standards. English-language development standards, from the WIDA consortium, provide direction and guidelines for both English language instruction and assessment. 

English services in the ELD program include:

  • Targeted services: ELD teachers instruct small groups of students in the same grade level or same language proficiency level, working toward common language goals.

  • Collaborative services: ELD teachers and content-area teachers co-plan and/or co-teach both language and content within a mainstream classroom

  • Sheltered content services: Content-area teachers provide supported content and language instruction in a small classroom setting.

Contact Info

Questions about the program or student needs? 

Kristina Robertson, ELD Program Administrator

Other questions? 

Joelle Lipa, Federal Program Secretary