Non-Public Students - Educational Aids

Serving Non-Public and Home-Schooled Students

A student attending a non-public school or a home school located within the Roseville Area Schools' (RAS) boundaries may receive specific materials and support services from the district. RAS may be asked to:

  • Reimburse textbooks, standardized tests, and individualized instructional materials to the student.
  • Include the student in the district's student health services.
  • Include the students in the district's secondary guidance and counseling program.

By September 15 of each year, parents of non-public school or home-school students are to submit requests for these aids and services. The Student Services Office at the District Center handles the requests and distributes the materials.


Non-public schools contact Student Services

Home-school families contact Central Enrollment

1251 County Road B-2 West
Roseville, MN 55113