Teaching & Learning

Enriching the Learning Environment

The Department of Teaching and Learning includes all areas related to curriculum, professional development, equity and integration, instruction, and assessment. Coordinating projects in these areas, department members work closely with staff throughout the district to increase the success of all students. We are driven by a commitment to helping our teachers implement research-based strategies that will increase student learning.  Our strategic planning is guided by state legislation known as the World's Best Workforce.

Roseville Area Schools is committed to:

  • Using research-based curriculum and instructional strategies.
  • Meeting the needs of its diverse community.
  • Providing ongoing, job-embedded, professional development for its staff.
  • Continually assessing student performance to provide parents and staff the instructional information they need.
  • Providing a rigorous, challenging, and enriched learning environment for all students, while providing differentiated programming and curriculum options for identified gifted and talented students.

District Curriculum Advisory Committee (DCAC)

The Educational Development Center

The Educational Development Center (EDC) at the Aŋpétu Téča Education Center serves as the teaching and learning hub for the district, housing the coordinators and specialists who work in this area. The EDC's Great Room is often the setting for targeted and district-wide meetings, seminars, and workshops.


At the Educational Development Center:

Jacob Von De Linde Director of Teaching and Learning jacob.vondelinde@isd623.org