All Roseville Area Schools and Programs Closed on Tuesday, January 23
All Roseville Area Schools and Programs Closed on Tuesday, January 23

Due to poor road conditions in our community, all Roseville Area Schools and programs will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, January 23). This includes Friendship Connection as well as all afternoon and evening athletics and activities with the exception  of the Roseville School Board meeting, which will still take place at 6:30 PM. Meals on Wheels will not be delivered.

Professional Development

Improving What We Do

Through professional development opportunities, our teachers and staff acquire and enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs needed to create learning environments that help all students achieve. Ongoing improvement plays an essential role in student learning because what teachers do significantly influences the quality of the work that kids do.

The district's professional development opportunities are standards-based, results-driven, and job-embedded. The aim is to ensure that:

  • All students and staff are learning and performing at high levels
  • Research-based best practices are consistently used across the District
  • Continuous improvement and life-long learning are realized

The district's professional development focus for this year is to implement educational practices that are known to reduce differences or disparities for students of color in areas such as academic achievement or growth, referrals, and participation in high-level coursework.

License Renewal Information

If you are renewing your teaching license, the following resources may be helpful:  

For more information, please call 651-635-1600.