Title I Programs

Ensuring All Students Have a Chance to Succeed

Title I is a federally funded program providing additional educational services to students identified as at risk of failing or not meeting the state’s academic standards. The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.

Title I funding is based on the number of students who qualify for the free- and reduced-price lunch program. However, students do not have to participate in this lunch program to qualify for Title I services.

All Title I services and programming are additional to the regular classroom instruction. Title I teachers are trained in a variety of research-based instructional methods to best meet the needs of individual students. Services to students can be delivered in a small group setting outside the classroom or provided in the regular classroom. It is not uncommon for a school to combine approaches.

Title I schools can operate either as a Targeted Assistance Program or a School-wide Program.

Title I Targeted Assistance Programs

A school is eligible for a Targeted Assistance Title I Program if it serves an eligible Title I school attendance area. Targeted Assistance schools use criteria such as standardized assessments, classroom performance, student grades, and teacher recommendations to identify students eligible to receive Title I services. Eligible students are failing or at risk of failing to meet grade-level standards. If all eligible students cannot be served, those most in need are served.

Targeted Assistance schools provide additional instruction and interventions for students most at risk of not meeting state standards in math and reading. This additional instruction may take place before, during, or after the school day.

Roseville Area Schools has two Targeted Assistance Programs: Roseville Area Middle School (RAMS) and Fairview Alternative High School (FAHS).

Title I Schoolwide Programs

A school is eligible for a Title I Schoolwide Program if it has a poverty level of at least 40% and is receiving Title I funding. A Schoolwide Program uses Title I funds to upgrade a school's entire educational program. Title I funds can be used to serve all students. Although a Schoolwide Program is not required to identify and provide supplemental services to particular children, staff must include strategies for meeting the educational needs of historically underserved populations in a school-wide plan. They must pay particular attention to the needs of low-achieving children who are most at risk of not meeting state standards.

Schools that qualify to operate a Title I Schoolwide Program may choose to operate as a Targeted Assistance Program.

Title I School Improvement Plans

Central Park Elementary School

Edgerton Elementary School

Fairview Alternative High School

Harambee Elementary School

Little Canada Elementary School

Roseville Area Middle School

Roseville Area Schools' Pre-K Program

Roseville Area Schools

Non-Public Schools and Title I

Eligible students in non-public schools within Roseville Area Schools' boundaries are also eligible for Title I services. This school year, students in four non-public schools are receiving targeted-assistance services from Roseville Area Schools' Title I teachers. These four non-public schools have a Targeted Assistance Program.

The non-public schools receiving Title I services are:

  • King of Kings Lutheran School
  • St. Jerome School
  • St. John the Evangelist School of Little Canada
  • St. Rose of Lima School

Parent Involvement

Title 1 contains specific requirements for parent involvement in Title I schools and in the district. Each year, leadership teams at the Title I schools develop and implement Parental Involvement Plans. A district-level Parent Involvement Plan also is developed using parent input from the Title I schools. Funds are allocated for parent involvement in Title I schools.

Roseville Area Schools recognizes that family and community involvement is vital to students’ academic achievement. As a school district, we strive to build and maintain positive relationships with families and the community as well as to welcome and encourage parental involvement. We know that parents can influence the success of their children by becoming active participants in their children’s schools.

Below are some ways parents can become involved in both their children’s schools and the Title I program:

  • Participate in the Title I annual meeting
  • Serve on the Title I Leadership/School Improvement Team
  • Join the school/parent organization such as the PTA or PTSA
  • Participate and support parent involvement activities at school
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and open houses
  • Participate in activities the school offers to help parents support their children’s success
  • Stay informed and respond promptly to all communications from the school
  • Volunteer at their children’s school

Parents’ Right to Know

According to the federal law, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), parents in all Title I schools have the right to request and receive timely information on the professional qualifications of their children’s classroom teachers. This applies to parents of all children in the school, not just those whose children are receiving Title I services.

Parents requesting information about the professional qualifications of their child's classroom teacher(s) will receive information from the school district on:

  • Whether the teacher is state licensed for the grade level and subject(s) he/she is currently teaching
  • Whether he/she is teaching under emergency or provisional status
  • The teacher’s undergraduate degree major and any other graduate degree major or certification

If you would like to request this information, please contact Roseville Area Schools Human Resources Department at 651-635-1611.

Florence Odegard
Continuous Improvement Supervisor