Challenge #3: Aging Buildings

Despite diligent work by the school district’s maintenance team, time has definitely taken its toll. We have reached a point where we must address significant needs at every building.

Routine Wear and Tear
With the exception of Harambee Elementary, all of our schools are more than 50 years old.

Extensive Use
Our schools are no longer used just during the school day. In summer 2017 alone, Community Education offered more than 100 summer youth enrichment classes, 441 students received summertime child care, 173 students participated in extended school year classes, 173 students took band camp, and 352 students took summer courses at Roseville Area High School.

Outdated Mechanical Systems
Many of our schools have outdated heating, ventilation, and plumbing systems made up of parts that are difficult (if not impossible) to replace.

Poor Air Quality
Due to the age of mechanical systems, many of our schools struggle with poor indoor air quality, which can impact student attendance and student/staff performance as well as accelerate the deterioration of buildings.