Fairview Community Center

An Update on Fairview Community Center

Studies of Fairview Community Center conducted prior to the November 7 bond referendum revealed challenges related to routine wear and tear, extensive use, outdated mechanical systems, and poor air quality. Based on these studies, the school district budgeted for extensive renovation to the building.

Further studies paid for by bond referendum funding revealed a wide variety of concerns about the feasibility of Fairview Community Center’s long-term structural integrity. These studies outlined problems such as column bearing issues, steel column deficiencies, and disconnected columns. While these concerns do not present any danger to the building’s occupants, the school district determined it was critical to assess the best use of taxpayer dollars before moving ahead with renovation plans at Fairview.

Working in collaboration with architectural, construction management, and engineering firms, three options emerged. Option A involves recladding the building to provide a new external layer plus the installation of new building foundations. Option B involves just recladding the building but no new foundations. Option C is to build a new facility.

While none of these options were a part of the initial plans, the school district is fortunate that these bond-funded studies have provided the opportunity to do a deeper dive into the structural integrity and future of Fairview Community Center. After the options were outlined, the next step was to determine the cost for each option as the district’s goal has been and will continue to be to stay within the budget provided by the bond referendum and long-term facilities maintenance funds. It was determined that Option C, which is the construction of a new building, would cost significantly less than the other two options.

The district remains fully committed to the programs and services housed and offered within the building. The goal was to make sure any work that is done related to Fairview represents a true long-term investment in district facilities. In light of the available options and the costs associated with those options, the school district is planning to proceed with constructing a new building on the Fairview Community Center site.

Without raising property owners’ taxes, the school district will be able to construct a building that better meets the needs of the current and future programs and services without retrofitting programs into a former junior high school. The district will be able to reduce the size of the building while vastly improving the energy efficiency and air quality of the space via new mechanical systems. The district will also be able to address the safety needs of the existing building while accommodating the building’s programs and services that are valued by community members.