Facilities Planning

Community Identifies Facilities Priorities

With student enrollment already an issue (and projected to grow by more than 1,000 students in the next 10 years) and aging facilities in need of maintenance and repair, the district has been hosting a series of community-based committees and meetings since August. The goal is to identify the district's greatest needs when it comes to facilities and then how the district can best address those needs in a financially responsible manner. Over the course of numerous meetings, five key themes have consistently emerged from conversations and were supported by the majority of participants.

Safety and Security

  • Providing secure entrances at every school
  • Rerouting visitor entry so visitors must pass through and register in the main office
  • Providing centralized management of all security systems across the district

Physical Conditions

  • Improving air quality via updated mechanical systems (including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and maintenance) across all district facilities
  • Completing needed maintenance work on all district facilities such as roofs, paving, walls, floors, and windows


  • Addressing existing and growing capacity concerns at almost every district school, most notably Roseville Area High School
  • Adding flexible learning spaces at all schools for small group learning and one-on-one support
  • Renovating special education spaces
  • Constructing spaces for existing programs that are out of space (for example, the Dual Language Immersion program at Little Canada Elementary)

Learning Spaces

  • Acknowledging that as education has evolved the district's facilities have not kept pace with students' educational needs
  • Developing labs and instruction spaces for career and technical education, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and specialist areas (music, art, and technology) at all schools

Community Resources

  • Meeting community expectations for facilities that can continue to support our district's strong community education programming
  • Expanding and/or improving learning spaces that are either too small, too few, or in very poor condition
  • Addressing the need for facilities that house programs for our community's older adults
  • Creating spaces that support a healthy lifestyle for all community members of all ages

In order to provide additional opportunities for public comment, a meeting will be held on Monday, May 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fairview Community Center in the Educational Development Center.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Facilities Planning Team at 651-635-1615 or facilitiesplanning@isd623.org.