As the long-range facilities planning process proceeds, this page will serve as the central location for documents and links related to the district and community committee facilities-related work.


Criteria Committees

The initial phase of Roseville Area Schools' long-range facilities planning process was guided by the work of three community committees: the Physical Criteria Committee, the Educational Criteria Committee, and the Activities & Community Criteria Committee. Each committee was comprised of community members, staff, and parents. The overarching goal of the committee work was to build consensus around the district's needs before developing any solutions. The three criteria committees completed their work and the information they gathered was shared with the public at a community meeting on November 29, 2016.

The Physical Criteria Committee

The Educational Criteria Committee

The Activities/Community Criteria Committee

Options Committee

The second phase of the facilities process was the work of an Options Committee. The responsibility of the Options Committee was to assist in the development of options to address the facility challenges identified by the Criteria Committees. The Options Committee was not a design committee as design activities will take place next year. The Options Committee met in February and March 2017. A public meeting to report on the work of the committee was held on March 15, 2017. To view the March 15 presentation, please click here.

Finance Committee

The third phase of the facilities process was the work of a Finance Committee. The objective of the Finance Committee was to review potential costs for identified priorities and projects defined by the Options Committee as part of the long-range planning process and consider economic feasibility. Committee members reviewed cost estimates developed by the architectural team, implementation and packaging strategies developed by the district administration in consultation with architects, tax impacts prepared by the district's financial consultants, and other relevant information as determined or requested by the committee. The committee was comprised of community members, business owners, and residential property owners. Most participants have been a part of the district for a number of years and have an understanding of history, perceptions and community values.