Superintendent's Welcome

The ABCs of Roseville Area Schools

One of the most important decisions a family makes is deciding where to send their children to school.  Some families select a school based on family tradition, personal beliefs, or nearness to their home or work.  For others, the decision involves visiting schools, talking to other families, and evaluating school programs.

With the many educational alternatives available today, I encourage you and your family to take the opportunity to thoroughly explore the learning options offered by Roseville Area Schools. You will find strong educational programs; a talented, caring staff; and a shared vision of excellence.

Roseville Area Schools can help families make their school choice as simple as A, B, C…

Achievement – In Roseville Area Schools, student achievement is at the heart of every decision we make.  To help students maximize their potential and achieve at the highest levels possible, we provide options and opportunities to meet the learning needs and styles of our diverse student population.

Balance - Roseville Area Schools offers a balanced learning experience that allows students to develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  Activities, athletics, fine arts, student leadership, academics, and social interactions provide each student with the opportunity to flourish.

Community – Roseville Area Schools is an integral member of the community. We stress community values in the education of our students and in the operation of our schools.  We are blessed with caring staff, along with committed parents and active community members. Together, we make sure each student has an advocate to help guide him or her in making wise choices. In addition, decades of generous and reliable financial support from the community enables Roseville Area Schools to meet the educational needs of our students and their families.

These ABCs are key to our schools’ success and show that Roseville Area Schools has the building blocks in place to fit the educational needs of almost any family.

You are always welcome to stop in and visit Roseville Area Schools. I’m confident you will be impressed with the great programming, caring staff, and, above all, the wonderful students.  See you at school!


Dr. Aldo Sicoli