Classes & Departments Central Park

Central Park Classes and Departments

Grades K-6

Lisa Bell
Amanda Nolde
Stephanie Scierka

Maria Le

Lexi Scanlon
Mary Thome
Chandi Turner

Cynthia Paschke
Gail Roufs
  • Third Grade

April Eastman - Website
Michelle Beck

Emily Sasse    Website
Cassie Weigman

  • Fifth Grade 

Carly Heras
Rachael Johnson

           Fifth/Sixth Grades 

                  Dan Church


         Sixth Grade - Website

                 Anders Johnson
                Jameson Sevelius


Specialists, Departments, Programs, and Offices

  • Art

Laura Corcoran

  • English Learners (EL)

Angela Camacho
Sarah Holty
Katie Johnson

Nenette Onstad

  • Music
Rachel Hausman
Brad Anderson
  • Physical Education & DAPE

Scott Allen

  • Reading and Math Corp

Madison Molloy

Emily Whiting

  • Science/Spark

Sara Laine

  • Interventionists

Janis Barke
Roberta Hernandez
Berri Reiser

  • Special Education and Student Support Staff

Anna Warn, School Nurse
Maria Hughes, Social Worker
Karla Rhodes, Behavior Specialist
Michele Wackman, Psychologist
Lisa Valerius, Psychologist

Esther Konney, Special Education
Kelly Rauchman, Special Education
Cathy Moos, Special Education
Debbie Tatge, Speech Clinician

Courtney Rowan, Speech Clinician
Lindsay Wilcox, Special Education