Classes & Departments Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights Classes and Departments

Grades K-6

  • Principal

Beth Behnke

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Second/Third Grade Split
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth/Fifth Grade Split
  • Sixth Grade
Kathie Froemming
Abe Hanson
Emily Wendlandt
Specialists, Departments, Programs, and Offices
  • AmeriCorps Members

Beth Chally, Reading Corps

Lillian Chan, Math Corps

  • Art
  • Custodial Staff
Ryan McCarthy, Building Engineer
John Christian, Night Lead
Steve Niebeling, Custodian
  • English Learners
  • Friendship Connection
  • Health Office
Alaina Bohl, School Nurse
Angie McCoy, Health Aide
  • Music
Rebecca Jacobson, Orchestra
Ed Schneider, Vocal Music

District Elementary Band and Orchestra Program - Website
  • Nutrition Services
Raquel Murray
Debbie Root
Anab Musse
  • Office Staff
Louise Portuese, Building Secretary
Jill Keenan, MARSS/SPED Secretary/Paraprofessional
  • Physical Education
Nathan Newman, Physical Education
  • Special Education and Student Support Staff
Eric Kruger, Student Support/Lead Teacher
Julianne Larsen, Psychologist
TBD, Social Worker
Courtney Wilson, Speech Language Pathologist
Joann Schonning, DAPE
Jenny Ramirez Biehn, OT
Shannon Chase, Special Education
Jessica Ford, Special Education
Kelly Rauchman, Special Education

District Student Support Services - Website