Classes & Departments Harambee

Harambee Classes and Departments

Classroom Teachers K-6

  • Kindergarten

Melissa Kleemeier
Jessica McEwen

  • Grade 1

Denise Dzik
Martina Linell

  • Grade 2

Loriann Anderson
Michael Deppe

  • Grade 3

Shauna Kidimu
Stephanie Kresien

  • Grade 4

Malinda Lesicka

  • Grade 4/5

Becky Halvorson

  • Grade 5

Jessica Morgan

  • Grade 6

Mara Badilla
Kara Lucas


Specialists, Programs, and Offices


  • Band/Orchestra

Brad Anderson, Orchestra Teacher
District Elementary Band and Orchestra Program

  • Music/Band

Edward Schneider

  • Physical Education

Tim Stepan

  • Visual Arts

Lindsey Vanconant


  • English Learners

Brittany Franet
Sophie Snell

  • GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)
  • Math Intervention

Melissa Hein
Math Expressions for Parents

  • Reading Intervention

Chris Miller

  • Behavior Specialist

Otho Farrow
Reies Romero

  • Special Education and Student Support

Special Education Instructional Coach:
Danielle Mathews

Special Education Teacher:
Sara Stimple

Kristen Vaca

Occupational/Physical Therapist:
Martin Wilson

Social Worker:
Peggy McLafferty-Yares

School Psychologist:
Heather Amundson Musich

School Nurse:
Mary Jo Feely

District Student Support Services