Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)
Reminder: No School Friday, Dec. 3 (except Harambee Elem., which is in session)

Reminder that there is no school Friday, Dec. 3, for students in Roseville Area Schools (except for Harambee, which is in session). Have a great weekend!

Our Year-Round Elementary Program

Year-Round School

Harambee is a year-round school with 172 student days. The same number of days that children on a traditional calendar attend school, but on a year-round calendar the days are arranged differently. Students have 4 nine-week quarters with a 2 to 3-week intersession break dividing the quarters. The students also have a vacation in December and July. Year-round schools support our students in the following ways:

  • Elimination of significant learning loss that occurs during the summer, and with it, the time that is spent re-teaching each fall.
  • Children receive remediation and enrichment immediately. The intersession is a perfect time to receive extra support and develop enrichment opportunities.
  • Increases students' interest in learning. Studies show that with regular breaks, students' interest remains high all year.
  • Students whose primary language is not English develop language skills without large gaps in instruction.
  • Staff and students come back from breaks feeling refreshed and "ready to go".

Harambee Offers:

  • A diverse student body.
  • Free all-day kindergarten.
  • A challenging, standards-based curriculum.
  • A unique campus on 28 acres of environmental land.
  • An inter-district integration magnet school.

Learn more about our kindergarten program.

How to Enroll

Due to their unique programming, four of our schools use lotteries in their enrollment process. This includes Harambee (year-round, K-6, magnet school, transportation provided in selected east metro counties).

For instructions on how to participate in the lottery, please visit our enrollment page. If you have additional questions, please contact Central Enrollment. Their contact information is provided below.

The district will process applications during the week of February 6, 2017, and families will be notified of the lottery results by U.S. mail by Friday, February 10, 2017.

General Information

All schools will offer sibling preference in placement. This means that siblings of current students will be placed into the school/program before the lottery drawing. Siblings are still required to complete a lottery application.


Roseville Area Schools
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More information on enrolling can be found at Central Enrollment.