Message For Adult Learning Center Students

The Adult Learning Center is closed until Tuesday, May 5th. Our number one goal during this time is to make sure our students are safe and healthy. Listed below you will find various resources regarding food, unemployment insurance, and more. We encourage students to reach out to your teachers via email to connect and let them know you and your family are well. If you are at home, and would like to continue working on your reading, writing and speaking, there are resources available for you to access on the class pages. Click here for a list of teacher emails if you need assistance. If you need immediate help, please reach out to our office at 651-604-3553. Be well.

 Click Here for Resources from Ramsey County for COVID-19 

Student Portal 

Student Google Account

Find your polling place and candidates here!

Housing Information- what to do if you cannot pay your rent or mortage

Information from Karen Organization of Minnesota regarding COVID-19

If you or someone you know is sick:

-If they are old or have other conditions, like diabetes or respiratory illness, they should call their doctor or a nurse helpline. You can also call the Minnesota Department of Health hotline at this number for health questions: 651-201-3920

If you have MinnesotaCare or MA, the test will be free. Many insurance companies are also cover the cost of the test. Go in to get tested only if you are sick. Many people will be able to recover at home without being in the hospital.

For more information click here:

If you need food for your kids while they are out of school:

-Here is a list of restaurants providing free boxed lunches for kids.

The list is by city- find your city and then see what restaurants are there.

If you need to apply for unemployment insurance:

Here is some information about the virus in the Karen language.