Parkview K-8 Option & Enrollment Process

A K-8 School Committed to Community

High achievement through imagination, innovation and teamwork.

At the core of Parkview Center School is community. The high value we place on community gives students a foundation to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

As an international Peace Site, Parkview Center School values PEACE:

  • P: Peace is . . . Learning to be kind to others, work together, and resolve conflict to make our world a better place.
  • E : Equity is . . . Understanding our differences to ensure that everyone gets what they need to be successful.
  • A: Action is . . . Using our talents and resources to influence positive changes in our world.
  • C: Community is . . . Creating and keeping healthy, respectful relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors.
  • E: Environment is . . . Making responsible choices to conserve earth’s resources and protect our planet.

Parkview Center School is the only district-wide Kindergarten through grade 8 school in the Roseville Area School District. Families living in the district, as well as in surrounding communities, choose to enroll their children at Parkview where high achievement through imagination, innovation and teamwork are at the heart of the school. Parkview is committed to:

  • Respecting diversity
  • Encouraging active learning
  • Promoting communication between school and family
  • Fostering inter-age connections

As a K-8 school, we provide continuity both academically and socially for our students by providing a welcoming, nurturing community that respects diversity and encourages open communication between grades and within grade levels. Starting in grade 5, students participate in a middle school model, rotating
 to a different teacher for each class. These learning models help students experience fewer transitions and educational disruptions.

To schedule a tour: call 651-487-4381 or email Mel Benz.

Enrolling Your Child at Parkview

Enrollment at Parkview Center School is based on an application and lottery process. Enrollment for the 2018-19 school year is currently closed. To learn more about the enrollment lottery, please call our Central Enrollment Office at 651-635-1626.

Parkview offers sibling preference in placement. This means that siblings of current students will be placed into the school/program before the lottery drawing. Siblings are still required to complete a lottery application and return the application by the posted deadline.

How to Enroll

Due to their unique programming, four of our schools use lotteries in their enrollment process. This includes Parkview Center School (K-8). For instructions on how to participate in the lottery, please visit our enrollment page.


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