Dual Ranking

Dual Honors Class Rank at Roseville Area High School

Dual Honors Class Rank is an additional class rank system for students who take a minimum of 10 rigorous credits at Roseville Area High School by the end of their junior year. A dual rank is given to students who earn a C or better in the qualifying courses which are AP/Honors/ CIS/Pre- AP classes.

Details of the Dual Honors Class Ranking System:

• To qualify for the honors class rank students must have 10 qualifying credits at the end of their junior year and 15 qualifying credits at the end of their senior year.

• The honors class rank may provide incentive for students to take rigorous courses.

• The honors class rank will be reflected on the transcript and highlight the rigorous curriculum in which the student engaged.

• All students will have a regular class rank on their transcript. Students who qualify for the dual ranking will have both regular class rank and Dual Honors Class Rank printed on their transcripts. Dual honors class ranking is noted in the body of the transcript.

• Graduation Recognition: the top 10% of the class using the regular class rank will continue to be recognized as “Honor Students.” The top 10% of the students in the honors ranking will also be recognized. The top 1% of the senior class who receive a medallion will include the top 1% from the regular and the top 1% from the honors ranking. Qualifying students from both rankings will be determined at the end of the second trimester of their senior year.

• Honors class rank does not disadvantage students who choose not to take AP/Honors/CIS/Pre-AP classes.

• Honors class rank may increase opportunities for college acceptance or scholarships.

• The student’s regular class rank and honors class rank will be based on the total class size.

• Dual honors ranking is not weighted grading. Dual honors ranking is an additional ranking in which students meeting the qualifications receive an additional honors ranking on their transcript.