Gr 7-8 Activities & Athletics Program

A Variety of Sports and Activities

Roseville Area Schools offers a variety of sports teams and activities throughout the year for students in grades 7 and 8. Participation in these activities will enhance students' educational experiences while at Roseville Area Middle School (RAMS) and Parkview Center School. Registration information, forms, schedules, clubs, and directions to away sites are included on this page.

Please go to our Suburban East Conference Schedules website for all of our in-season sport schedules. For a complete, current schedule, click on View Schedules (middle-right of the page), scroll down to the sport/team you want, check the box, and click View.

Online Registration Information

Roseville Area Schools now uses an online registration process for all athletics in grades 7-12. Registration for all athletics requires an athletic physical to be filed with the RAMS athletic office (link below). After your sports physical is turned in you can start the registration process by going to Affinety. Families are strongly encouraged to use the online process. If you are registering online, all of the necessary forms will be combined into one form. All information should be reviewed by the student and parent before signing. 

All registration must be done online. You can find support in the Activities Office if you do not have access to the internet. Once all forms have been submitted online or turned in at the activity office with payment, the student will be cleared to participate. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO START PRACTICE UNTIL THIS PROCESS IS COMPLETE.

Physicals for Athletic Participation

All students must have an athletic physical on file in the activity office at their school to play interscholastic athletics. These physicals are good for three years. These physicals must note that the student is cleared by their physician to play sports. Any student-athlete whose athletic physical date has not been entered into the registration program will be unable to proceed through the registration process. If a student is unsure if their physical is up to date, they should contact the activities office. Forms are available online or in the activity office.


Families who qualify for free and/or reduced lunches are eligible for reduced athletic fees upon application. Applications can be made by contacting the District Office or online information at Further assistance is available as needed. Please contact Tanysha Scott or Sue Garland at 482-5290.

The family maximum for participation in athletics is $600.

  • Grades 7-8 Sports: Fees are $110
  • Reduced Fee Lunch: Fee is $25
  • Free Lunch: No fee

Athletes Involved in Multiple Sports

Parents only need to fill out the online forms once per school year. To register for any subsequent sports, parents need only submit the new sport and pay the athletic fee online. Athletes who do not return their gear/uniform when finished with a sport will not be allowed to register for the next seasons' sports.


Seasons for grades 7-8 typically run 7-8 weeks. Practices are on every school day, normally from 3-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 3-4 p.m. on Friday. Competitions tend to be scheduled twice per week, normally starting at 3:45 p.m. For a link to current game schedules, click on Suburban East Conference Schedules on the left side of the RAMS or RAHS Athletics webpage. Transportation will be provided to and from all away games, but athletes will need to provide their own transportation home from RAMS on competition nights. This normally pertains to home competitions as well because they usually end after the activity buses have departed.

RAMS Athletics Calendar/Schedules

You can now sort through events by the day, week, or month with the RAMS/RAHS calendar. The calendar also gives you times and locations for events. One of the most helpful features of the calendar is the "Notify Me" function. Follow the steps below to use the calendar for your students athletic needs. 

  • Click on this link:
  • Click on Suburban East Conference Schedules 
  • Click on Notify Me – you can get directly here via this link:
  • Create an account or sign in 
  • You will be taken to a screen: Step 2 Choose Activities – choose Athletics 
    • Under Conference/Non Conference Events 
      • You will need to un-click sports that you do not want to receive information on
      • Click on your desires sport.  Grade 8 basketball is not added (it will be once the season gets closer)
    • Under School Only Events  
      • You will need to un-click all events listed here
  • Click on continue to next step
  • You will be taken to a screen: Step 3 Setup Notification Preferences 
    • Here you choose how you would like the reminders to be set up for each activity you chose in step two. 
  • Click on Save My Settings. 

RAMS/PCS Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in practices and games, RAMS/PCS student-athletes must maintain grades of a C- or better in each of the four core subjects – English, science, mathematics, and social studies – and cannot be failing any non-core classes. Any student-athlete not meeting these expectations should not go to practice or to games until the grades are adequately improved.

Most middle school seasons are short – around seven weeks – so athletes do not want to risk missing out due to low grades. The vast majority of sub-par grades are the result of students not turning in schoolwork when it is due. Therefore, the best way to stay eligible is to complete and turn in assignments when they are assigned. Students who let themselves fall behind in their schoolwork will have trouble staying academically eligible. 


Refund Policy

In case of a major injury or move out of the district during the first part of the season, 100% of the fee will be refunded. No refund will be granted after the midpoint of the season. There will be no refunds after the first contest for athletes who quit voluntarily or who are removed from participation.

After-School Policies

Students who wish to stay after school with a teacher for academic help must schedule the help session before the end of the school day and be in the teacher’s room by 2:50 p.m. Any students who show up at a teacher’s room without setting up the visit beforehand, or arrive after 2:50 p.m, will be turned away.

Students are not allowed to stay after school simply to wait for a friend who is staying after for a legitimate, school-related reason. 

When students finish with their activities, they are expected to leave the building or wait in the gym lobby for their rides or for activity buses. Students who misbehave, or who do not follow the directions of the gym lobby supervisors, risk losing permission to stay after school.

Student Code of Conduct

All students must adhere to all school and/or Minnesota State High School League policies whichever is applicable, in order to remain eligible for participation.

RAMS Winter Athletics 2022

Fall Sports

Start Dates

Fee *

7/8 Girls Basketball (Nov 8-Dec 23, 2021) 


$110.00 / Reduced Lunch $25 / Free Lunch $0

7/8 Wrestling (Nov 8-Dec 21, 2021) 


$110.00 / Reduced Lunch $25 / Free Lunch $0

7/8 Boys Basketball (Jan 3-Mar 15, 2022)


$110.00 / Reduced Lunch $25 / Free Lunch $0


All Sports that are listed as 7th, 8th are sports that we will be running at the middle school.  Any questions regarding those sports can be directed to Susan Garland (Activities Assistant) or Tanysha Scott (Activities Director). They can be reached via email by clicking on their names to send them an email.  All Sports that are listed as 7th-12th are strictly run at the high school.  If you have any questions regarding sports listed as 7th-12th please direct them to Natalie Crosby (Activities Assistant) or Reed Hornung (Activities Director).  They can be reached via email by clicking on their names to send them an email. You can also find additional information and email addresses for every high school sport at the RAHS Athletic / Activities website located here: .

Roseville Area Middle School (RAMS) Athletic Office Contact Information Families who qualify for free or reduced lunches are eligible for reduction of athletic fees upon application.  Applications are done online at (under Quick Links, select Nutrition and Menus, then select the Home tab and click on Meal Applications) or by contacting the Roseville Area Schools District Office. Further financial assistance is available as needed. Please contact Mike Holmes in the RAMS Activities Office (651-482-5290). For Adapted Soccer information, please call the RAHS activity office at 651-635-1670. *The family maximum for participation in RAMS/RAHS athletics is $600.

Tanysha Scott RAMS Athletic/Activities Director

Susan Garland RAMS Athletic/Activities Secretary

Parkview Center School Main Office

Beth Willinger Parkview Center School Athletic/Activities Secretary

After-School Activities

A list of extracurricular activities will be available to students in late September. The list will be announced in STAR and posted on the RAMS website.

The selection of activities varies each year, depending on what is proposed by staff and members of the community. Students must register and pay at the Activity Office across from the cafeteria. Activities may have different fees, depending on length and other expenses.

The fall activity session runs from early October to Winter Break. Winter session runs between Winter Break and Spring Break. The spring session runs from Spring Break to late May.  A few activities meet in the morning before school, but most will take place after school.  This makes is very difficult for a student to be in both a sport and an after-school activity during the same season, but a student can jump into many activities mid-session, when his/her sport season ends.

In the past, RAMS has offered academic clubs like Science Club, International Club, Hmong Writing; academic teams like Destination Imagination, Future Problem Solvers, Math Counts; performing arts like Morning Choir, Jazz Band, Theater; creative arts like Pottery Club, Painting Club, Anime Club; athletic activities like Rock Climbing, Weight Lifting, Ski Trips, and Horseback Riding.  Game clubs like Chess Club, Trading Card Club.  Anyone in the community who is interested in offering an extra-curricular activity may contact Mr. Ponsolle at 651-482-5290 for more information.

After School Policies

Due to limited supervisory resources after the school day, RAMS has afterschool policies intended to keep students from using RAMS facilities primarily as a social center.  Students who wish to stay after school with a teacher for academic help must schedule the help session by 1pm that day and are expected to be with that teacher in the classroom or media center by 2:55 pm.

Students are not allowed to stay after school simply to wait for a friend who is staying after for a legitimate, school-related reason.

When students finish their activities, they are expected to leave the building or wait in the media center for their rides or for activity buses. Students who misbehave or who do not follow the directions of the supervisors risk losing permission to stay after school.

After School Supervision

The front doors are locked at 3:30 p.m. each day. Students waiting for a ride after school need to wait in the media center. A RAMS staff member supervises students who are coming from activities/athletics in the media center.

Activity Buses

RAMS offers transportation for students who stay after school to participate in athletics, activities, academics or detentions. Students who stay after school solely to watch RAMS games will not be given an activity bus pass. A bus pass is required to board any activity bus. It is obtained from the adult in charge of the student who is staying after school. Maps of the activity bus routes are posted by the main entrance, activity office, and media center. You can also click here to find it online. There are no predetermined stops for activity buses. Like city buses, drivers follow set routes and pull over when asked to.

The three early activity buses (Monday - Thursday) leave from in front of the school at the main doors at approximately 4:10 p.m.

Bus #1 (4:10 p.m.) goes to the west end of the district

Bus #2 (4:20 p.m.) goes to the east side of the district

Bus #3 (4:20 p.m.) covers the middle of the district

The two late activity buses (Monday-Thursday) depart at 5:15 p.m. THERE ARE NO LATE ACTIVITY BUS ON FRIDAYS.

Bus #1 goes to the western half of the district.

Bus #2 covers the rest of the eastern half of the district.

Students who have passes for the early buses, but choose not to board the early activity buses, will be asked to leave the building and will not be allowed on the late activity buses.

Any students who leave school property, and then return to RAMS, will not be allowed to board activity buses that day. Behavior expectations on activity buses are the same as on the regular buses. Riders who do not follow them risk losing bus-riding privileges.