Support & Services

Roseville Area Middle School Support and Services

The Student Support Services team uses an interdisciplinary approach to meeting the mental health needs of our students. We provide a variety of services designed to build strengths in students, prevent small issues from becoming larger problems, assist teachers, help parents and families, and address crisis/emergency situations.

Roseville Area Middle School's Student Support team is comprised of:

  • School Counselors

Julie Gabos - Gr 8

Todd Richter - Gr 7

  • School Psychologist

Amy Grengs

  • School Social Worker

Bo Vue

  • School Nurse

Tiffany Anderson

We also collaborate and consult with the school resource officer, cultural liaisons, and the administrative team.

What are some of the services we provide?

  • Register/orient new students
  • Help students with academic issues
  • Help students with personal problems (support groups, individual meetings, etc.)
  • Help families access out-of-school medical, financial, mental health, and other services
  • Assist teachers and staff with concerns about students
  • Intervene in crisis/emergency situations

When would it be appropriate to call on us? 651-482-5289

  • Call us if your student is not successful academically (for example: significant change in typical academic pattern or failing multiple classes).
  • Call us if you believe your student is not behaving within the scope of what a typical adolescent’s behavior is (or if you’re not sure).
  • Call us if you’re not sure who to ask about a concern you have.
  • Call us if you need help accessing resources.

Do we ever refer to agencies outside of school or consult with other agencies?

  • Yes....when the concerns are more significant than what we would be able to address in a school setting, or when students or parents would prefer to work with someone outside of the school environment.
  • With signed permission from parents, we will share or obtain information from outside agencies to develop a cohesive plan for the student.

Who is the right person to talk to first?

  • If your question or concern is medically based, start with the school nurse.
  • For most academic and personal issues, start with the grade-level counselor; the counselor will make a decision about whether to refer to/consult another Student Support Services member.

How do we work with teachers and administrators?

  • Each counselor rotates from 7th grade to 8th grade in order to remain with the same group of students for two consecutive years.
  • Both counselors attend weekly meetings with each team of teachers in order to discuss student needs.
  • The school psychologist, social worker, and school nurse attend team meetings when there is a need for specific plan development.
  • When teachers share concerns about students, Student Support Services members follow up by gathering more information for teachers.

What have we done to make our school a safe learning environment?

  • We have a set Emergency Response Team in the building which consists of our building principal, associate principal, counselors, school nurse, school psychologist, classroom teacher, head engineer, and resource officer.
  • Through regular meetings, conferences, and readings, we have developed a comprehensive Crisis Intervention Plan/Emergency Procedures for our building.
  • We have regular drills to prepare for unexpected events (such as a need to evacuate the building or lock down the building for security reasons)