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Contacting a Cultural Liaison

In emergency situations, please call the Office of Educational Equity (651-635-1650) and ask Valerie Woods to contact the liaison and get back to you.

Faustina Mullen
African American
P: 651-288-5005
C: 651-239-2826
Building: RAMS, District-wide (on call)

Anthony Anderson
African American
P: 651-604-1402
C: 651-503-9319
Building: RAHS, District-wide (on call)

James Hoskins
African American
C: 651-726-4215
Building: Edgerton (only)

Gabriella Carroll
American Indian
P: 651-604-3739
C: 651-359-0572
Buildings: Aŋpétu Téča Education Center, RAMS, RAHS, District-wide (on call)

Savannah Carroll-Rojas
American Indian
C: 651-332-6513
Buildings: RAMS, RAHS, District-wide (on call)

Maider Lee
P: 651-604-3548
C: 651-210-7821
Buildings: Aŋpétu Téča Education Center, RAHS, District-wide (on call)

Mya Phyu
P: 651-604-3543
C: 651-307-4475
Buildings: RAHS, EDG, Aŋpétu Téča Education Center, District-wide (on call)

Hsar Htoo
P: 651-259-6752
C: 651-332-6929
Buildings: RAHS, RAMS, Central Park

Mu Hser
P: 651-504-2249
C: 651-242-4081
Building: Edgerton (only)

Liz Gallegos
P: 651-481-9960
C: 651-703-4753
Buildings: Brimhall, Central Park, Edgerton, Emmet D. Williams, Falcon Heights, Harambee, Parkview

Veronica Martinez
P: 651-724-6492
C: 651-999-9385
Building: Little Canada (only)

Cecilia Martino
C: 651-235-3426
Building(s):  RAHS, RAMS, District-wide (on call)

Brando Rojas-Acevedo
C: 651-233-9126
Buildings: Early Childhood, ECSE, Harambee, Parkview, RAHS

Indira Kharel
C: 651-307-7471
Buildings: Central Park, RAMS, RAHS, District-wide (on call)

Kowthar Ismail
C: 651-322-0468
Buildings: Parkview, RAMS, RAHS, FAHS, District-wide (on call)