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Student Teaching in Roseville Area Schools

Pre-Service Training of Teachers
Roseville Area Schools (Independent 623) education pre-service vision is to build and encourage successful partnerships with college and universities. The focus of the pre-service practicum and clinical experiences are to:

  • Increase student achievement.
  • Promote new teacher growth and development.
  • Develop leadership through mentoring and professional opportunities.
  • Improve the number of BIPOC Teachers.

All teacher preparation programs placing pre-service teachers in Roseville Area Schools must become a contracted community partner and adhere to our placement processes.

Placement Coordinator secures placement(s)
To place pre-student teachers and student teachers, the placement coordinator should contact Roseville Area Schools Recruitment and Retention Specialist, Amanda Cotton, for placement requests. Refer to the email template  for your placement requests.

Instruct your students to complete the required forms
It is the responsibility of colleges/universities to inform their students that they must complete required forms prior to beginning their pre-student teaching and student teaching experiences. 

All students must complete the required RAS criminal background check prior to pre-student teaching experiences.

For additional information, please contact Amanda Cotton.

Amanda Cotton
Recruitment & Retention Specialist