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Nutrition Services

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Angela Richey
Nutrition Services Supervisor

Maria Amerman
Nutrition Services Coordinator

Stacey Gaetz

Nutrition Services  Specialist 

Starting July 1st, 2023, we are excited to be able to offer breakfast and lunch at no cost to all students.    The Free School Meals Bill, allows one complete breakfast and lunch each school day to each student at no-cost.

All items outside of the complete meal are considered ala carte purchases. 

Items that would incur a charge:

  • Additional cartons of milk
  • Snack items
  • Second entrée
  • A second breakfast or a second lunch
  • Meals that do not meet the minimum requirements
  • Meals served to teachers, staff and other adults. 

Additionally, a second breakfast and/or lunch would incur the following fees:

Meal Prices 2023-24 First breakfast   Second breakfast  
Elementary $0 $2.25
Middle and high school $0 $2.25
Adult $2.25 $2.25


Meal Prices 2023-24 First lunch   Second lunch  
Elementary $0 $4.95
Middle and high school $0


Adult $5.00 $5.00


Our menu offerings and service style will still consist of high quality ingredients and top-notch customer service.  All complete breakfasts consists of an entrée, fresh fruit, 100% juice and milk.   All complete lunches consist of whole grains, lean proteins, milk and "all-you-care-to-eat" fresh fruit and vegetable bars.  All schools also offer a no-cost afterschool "super snack. " 

Will extras and adult meals be free?

No, adult meals and any additional purchases (second meals, entrees, milk etc) are not included. These items will need to be purchased.

Do I need to complete the Application for Educational Benefits (AEB) for my family?

Yes!  We encourage all families to complete the AEB each year. The application is used to determine funding for your child's school.   It is also is needed for reduced district activity fees, utilities, cell phone rates and transportation discounts. 

Does my student need to enter a PIN at meal times?

Yes, all students will still need to enter their PIN number in meal lines.  Each students' PIN number is the same as their student ID.   Please practice with your student to help streamline meals and ensure that all children get adequate seated time to enjoy their meal!  You can practice HERE

What do  I do with the remaining money in my child's lunch account?

There are several options for  money remaining in meal accounts.  

  • Request a refund by completing this link
  • Donate unused funds to cover negative student meal accounts from previous school years. Call us at 651-628-6445.
  • Leave funds in account to purchase additional items (second meals, milk, second entrees etc.)

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